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tlr online
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Default Rhianna Pratchett's stories from the Tomb Raider reboot

Rhianna Pratchett has spoken with Eurogamer on her part writing Tomb Raider as the rebooted Lara Croft-helmed adventure marks ten years since release.

"What I thought would be a half hour chat turns into something more, though: a brilliant, two-hour long dive into the games and Pratchett's relationship with them, covering everything from last minute story changes and a scrapped multiplayer experience, to the ways the games are shaped by her own memories and the importance of representation in media." writes Victoria Kennedy for Eurogamer.
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Thank you for posting. It's a very insightful article and interview. It seems she's trying to clear up some misunderstandings about previous quotes she's made.
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Tomb Raider
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Thank you, this was quite interesting to read through.

I never realised that originally they had planned a multi-player game populated with all those side-characters. That originally most of them weren't meant to be in the single player TR2013 game.

I have always felt there were too many of them and it would have been better to have way less.

I'm not really into her take on Lara, but we all have our own tastes.

One thing I do wish is.... that the people working on these games would realise that the fantasy elements of these games were / are a major draw to the franchise for some of us.

I get the impression that none of them are into that aspect really. So for example, when talking about writing TR games, it's always about Lara and her feelings and her relationships and becoming herself, and hardly anything about the passion for the unusual, and the origin of these mysteries she's investigating, and the plotting of these and integrating them into the storyline. I get the feeling that all that is way down on the list of priorities. Not just here but with the developers in general.

But honestly, the fantasy part of TR was a big part of my interest when I first played TR.
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I found Rhianna's interview quite interesting and even striking. So much info shared. I found it very sweet that even though writing for those two games seemed nightmare-ish at times, she was still down for completing the story in the third game.

Such a flawed project story-wise, yet she didn't want to abandon the ship and tried her best to steer it to harbor.
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jeffrey van oort
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When Rhianna Pratchett says that you cannot win every battle, the controversy is just so great. Because Lara Croft does win every battle. (Cluster fox?)

I like that she explained details about what the multiplayer was intended to be. But I did not like the reference to another videogame title.

Like: "I am so terrible, but look, that is terrible too? Wtf?"

No! This did not happen. I am un-thinking that I have read this in that way. This cannot be a justification.

I have liked everything else from that interview. Good work.

Couldn't resist.
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This is a very insightful interview. Enjoyed reading - cool that Pratchett delved into Lara’s first kill, too. I’ve always found the ludonarrative dissonance present there a bit much for me to digest.

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