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Originally Posted by .snake. View Post
Wonderful! Thank you!

Does this work also for effects such as flame/smoke emitters?
yes it works for everything, items, enemies, puzzles, statics etc
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Originally Posted by Kubsy View Post
@Fairfriend @snake

You can move objects on any square in TE. press ctrl (for free movement) or shift and move the item.
Originally Posted by justin View Post
TE already allows you to move objects to many small sectors of any "block" (just hold Shift I think?)
I've even tested a switch on a corner wall and it works flawlessly.

I wonder if vertical rotation will be posdible in the future with TE? Obviously you can do this with trng triggers.
I see, thank you. I've been out of the level editing business for way too long, evidently.
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Tomb Raider
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wow, some cool things being done
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Originally Posted by Lwmte View Post
I also want to spoil a bit and announce that TEN will feature proper solid collision with static meshes and possibly several other object types. Unlike original tomb4/tomb5, Lara won't continuously run into these objects when approached from sides, and also won't teleport to nearest side when approached from bottom.

Also, when approached from top side, Lara will play "stumble" animation and jump away from it in dry rooms, and collide as usual in water rooms. This will allow you to use static meshes to block paths more effectively both horizontally and vertically.
Does this also mean you can fix that odd bug where Lara swims through objects with collision, when swimming on the surface?
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Yes, it is not happening anymore.
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Please follow the new thread.
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