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Originally Posted by paulojr_mam View Post
Especially because the geometry looks more organic (on the things that don't have to have square edges for gameplay reasons).
This is just false.
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these stairs??? look at those awfully applied textures! you can clearly see this game was made in a rush and without any care lmao
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Originally Posted by Caesum View Post

TR3 wastes a lot of poly due to its archaic way of applying textures, while at the same time it does not provide the same realistic proportions as MGS.
You point out something that's really gone overlooked in this discussion, and that's proportions! To me, it's not the blockiness of TR that puts it at a disadvantage compared to other titles (it's not ideal but IMO the grid works decently well for creating natural landscapes), it's the way everything in TR is MASSIVELY sized. Those giant blocks do not translate into believable looking man-made architecture at all. If the squares were a bit smaller, or Lara a bit taller (a full 4 clicks tall instead of about 3), everything could look different. Less cartoonish and more realistic.

Yeah and it doesn't help that the Core devs were pretty lazy about texturing. Stretched and improperly rotated textures are so commonplace in TR. I think TR4 is honestly the best looking classic, but even that game isn't immune from occasional wonky texturing.

Kind of veering of course, but if I had to pick the worst looking TR I'd award that title to Chronicles. Mostly VCI. It just doesn't look good. The bad proportions play a big part, but so does the clearly rushed and thrown together geometry and texturing. Still fun, though! Not hating.
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Someone please post a pic of Lara’s kitchen sink in Tomb Raider 2. The engine was crying for help and Core ignored it.
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TR2 Kitchen is for giants:

TR3 is a little bit better proportioned:

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Well, TR5 had those huge sinks in the Submarine level...
Talk about being your own worst enemy.
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Honestly TR2 engine was already outdated, but I think it pulled it off well anyway. The levels were big and interesting, we had many open locations during different times of day/night. It felt like a natural progression compared to TR1. In TR3 though they really should have tried to minimize the bad effects of huge block system. In the end - they didn't.
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The gigantic proportions work well in places like temples, tombs... because everything is supposed to be that way, and if it isn't it doesnt matter because you don't have reality to compare, but it doesn't work for environments like streets or a house because you can compare with real life.

I agree they should have tweaked the grid system, make the grid more dense.
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Quake came out the same year as TR1 and that blew Lara's adventure out of the Water, graphics wise.
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Also, Sonic Adventure was released at the tail end of 1998 on Sega Dreamcast.
I would say all the TR games past TR2 were visually limited by the PS1 hardware and technically were less than impressive from PC gaming perspective.
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