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Eitr Drinker
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Fries of the Tomb Raider: Square Enix signs promotional deal with McDonalds

Lara's Eye Shadow: Croft introduces new combat-proof makeup line

Tomb Braider: Lara's classic braid is coming back for next game!

Zip It! - Legend re-release gives players option to mute Lara's headset

"They forgot my anniversary!" - Croft bemoans CD forgetting 10th anniversary for a whole year!
"Jacqueline Natla. You just don't know when to die."

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Tomb Raidering
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Ungrateful fans! Fans bash Tomb Raider III remaster they’ve been waiting for!

No winner no prize! Square Enix doesn’t hand out coloring-books to winners of Tomb Raider painting competition.

The final nail in the coffin! Square Enix’s strange attitude cause of Reboot Lara’s death!

LARA’S BACK! Classic Lara revives, goes under surgery to regenerate her youth, back on business...

“We’re so happy with Classic Lara!” claims a CD rep. happily! “Why did we even employ Reboot Lara?” he ponders thoughtfully.
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