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Wink Tomb1Main

Hello, some time ago I started a decompilation project for Tomb Raider 1 (the TombATI patch). This project reached "mature" status in my opinion, meaning I got everything decompiled except the graphics and sound code, and this is why I'm showing it here Currently Arsunt is working on decompiling the remaining parts and bringing DirectX 9 support and I plan to slowly work my way through the tickets that can be seen in the issue tracker. Apart from decompiling the original game, the goal of this project is to also enhance the original game with new gameplay options and fix original bugs.

Project page:
Reporting bugs and feature requests:

This patch requires TombATI v1.7 installed. HQ FMVs are currently not supported.

Please note that although I will try to monitor this thread, the primary source of issues and bug reports is GitHub.

Features already implemented:
  • added proper UI scaling
  • added enemy health bar
  • added more control over when to show health bar and air bar
  • added ability to customize of health bar and air bar
  • added ability to set user-defined FOV
  • added selecting weapons / using items with numeric keys
  • added ability to look around while running
  • added TR3-like sidesteps
  • added shotgun flash sprites
  • added a fly cheat
  • added a level skip cheat
  • added a door open cheat (while in fly mode)
  • added ability to disable all medpacks
  • added ability to disable Magnums
  • added ability to disable UZIs
  • added ability to disable shotgun
  • added ability to disable main menu demos
  • added ability to disable FMVs
  • added ability to disable cutscenes
  • added ability to disable healing between levels
  • added braid (currently only works in Lost Valley)
  • added support for more than 3 pickup sprites
  • added a choice whether to play NG or NG+
  • added Japanese mode (guns deal twice the damage); available for both NG and NG+
  • added external game flow (no longer 2 different .exes for TR1 and TR1IB) For TRLE builders:
    • the levels can be reordered
    • the levels can be renamed
    • all the strings can be translated, including keys and items
    • you no longer are constrained to 4 or 21 levels only
    • you can offer a custom Gym level
    • added automatic calculation of secret numbers
  • fixed skipping FMVs triggering inventory
  • fixed skipping credits working too fast
  • fixed setting user keys being very difficult
  • fixed keys and items not working when drawing guns immediately after using them
  • fixed freeze when holding action key during end of level
  • fixed reading user settings not restoring the volume
  • fixed Tomb of Tihocan playing secret sound
  • fixed The Great Pyramid secret
  • fixed running out of ammo forcing Lara to equip pistols even if she doesn't carry them
  • fixed a crash when Lara is on fire and goes too far away from where she caught fire
  • fixed settings not being saved when exiting the game with Alt+F4
  • fixed settings not persisting chosen layout (default vs. user keys)
  • fixed the sound of collecting a secret killing music

This post wouldn't be complete without some screenshots!

Game modes selection screen:

Braid (works only in Lost Valley, needs to be explicitly enabled):

Fly cheat:

Door open cheat:

Enemy healthbars:

I hope you enjoy it

(Note: originally the project started under the name TR1Main, but it was later renamed to Tomb1Main at Arsunt's request.)
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This is wonderful! My next playthrough of the classics will be so good thanks to all these projects that are happening right now especially for TR1 and TR2
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Amazing news, thanks for your work dash I hope to make a good use with this
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Very Impressive. We can finally to play with braid rather frozen braid mod.
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yaaas big fan of this project and already following and reading up on the progress every day
Hi, I'm Marissa. I'm super excited to take trf's look to the next level.
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Excellent job, rr-! You're very fast, I hope to find some spare time to combine TR2Main engine with your project as soon as possible. It seems we won't need GLRage anymore. Just stand alone game with no TombATI dependencies.
To seek. To learn. To do. (C) Quest for Glory

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tlr online
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Welcome to the forum and thank you for sharing your work.
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Welcome rr- and excellent work

It's really good to see software developers/programmers doing amazing work for TR fans
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Statistics in the inventory, finally !

The door open cheat is especially useful, makes flying around levels so much easier and not having to stop on the ground to press levers or pick up keys .
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Does DirectX9 Support mean, that you don't need TombATI anymore or will it still be based on that?

Love the work you've done so far!
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