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I'm absolutely CRAZY for the new Tomb Raider game to have inspiration from AOD like the very dark atmosphere in the game along with the similarities to the soundtracks from AOD just like when Aleksandar Dimitrijevic have tried to look up into.
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Originally Posted by biscuits View Post
It's because the games take themselves too seriously. They leave no room for fun dialogue or humor. Even grim dark properties have sprinkles of lighthearted moments that make the characters human. Shadow had wonderful moments of levity between Lara and Jonah. I found her extremely likeable in that game.

I think reboot Lara is a very mishandled character that falls victim to poor creative decisions. The comics show a fun and quirky Lara who jokes around and has fun and rides a cool motorbike. Even movie Lara (who I despise) had spunk to her. You CAN make a fun reboot Lara. The comics prove that. Shadow (on some level) proves that as well. They need to just drop the dramatics, because clearly they don't have the chops to pull it off.
Completely! Comic/books/movie Lara is a different person to the games!
I agree with Mel too, bring back lone adventure Lara with some sass.
I’m happy to have a serious storyline, lots of exploring with the focus on the tombs. Lara can give some lighthearted moments when coming across discoveries and other people.

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