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Awesome! Thank you!
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Originally Posted by LuckyEdge10 View Post
Here you are: http://www.mediafire.com/file/kubv5r...dLara.zip/file

Put the content in the game's directory, then drag and drop Section 5709.tr2mesh and Section 5638.tr2pcd in InstallMod.bat. This mod replaces AoD Lara with Legend Lara. Make a backup of your bigfile.update3.000.000.tiger before installing the mod!

The mod is not complete. Lara doesn't move her fingers and there are also issues with her pelvis during some cutscenes. I have no intention to update this mod yet since the exporter still has some issues.

P.S I can see your avatar is from my Resident Evil 2 mod
Can't download
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Originally Posted by yaron View Post
Can't download
The mod has been removed. I will make it again once we will be able to replace blendshapes.
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Is it possible to make a mod like an RE3 Jill in TR2013 by any chance? Thanks.
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