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Originally Posted by Patrick star View Post
I don't know if you're being sarcastic at the idea but that actually would be quite lovely, to release the kind of last chapter in Reboot Lara's timeline (as a continuous directly connected chain of stories) on the 10th anniversary of the game that started it.
I was being genuine. I think it would awesome if they released it then.
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That really would be nice I'm really excited for this, I faith a lot faith in the studio and it seems like this will be our introduction to unified Lara. Am I a fool for hoping we'll have a grand dual pistols scene?
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Originally Posted by charmedangelin View Post
There's legit nothing to look forward to for the next 2 years. Like I have wonder if people will still care and I'm not being dramatic about it? Do they honestly expect the general public to remember TR that long? The general public was already mixed about Shadow and so far nothing announced is really pushing the needle of public opinion either way.
Every time I hear that it's never the case, no matter how long something takes to come out. Sure, people can move on, and stop talking about it, but if they're still gamers and play games, as soon as marketing starts for the game people who like the franchise will be on board.

Unless of course people decide to not play it out of spite because it took so long, but then it's their loss really.
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