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There are some really interesting replies to my question. Thank you. .
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Chocola teapot
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When you THINK the sunken ship levels on TRII are almost over and you've finally reached The Deck, you're actually now on Living Quarters and Tibet is still 2 levels out of reach...

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Los Angeles
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^ The Deck is my favorite level in the whole game, next to Opera House, Barkhang monastery and Tenple of Xian.

Canít stand Tibetan foothills though. I was so glad when that level was over.
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The ship levels are awesome and I'm surprised they're unpopular among the fanbase, but I agree the Tibet levels are even better.

TR2's pacing is everything. It's a slow-burner, it starts out ok and gets better and better the deeper into it you go.

I don't care for the Oil Rig levels, that's probably the low point of the game. I don't think they're horribly bad either but they're just ugly and kind of pointless filler. We could have (and probably would if the game was made today) had a lengthy cutscene covering everything from Lara's capture in the plane to her dive and just skip the levels out. I would not complain if they remade the game and did this, I think I speak for most people on that.

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I'd get rid of Oil Rig lvls and Living Quarters. Also, mix the beginning of 40 Fathoms and the Wreck. We should have had another location or expanded China.

They're 6 levels heavily relying on water in a row. Very bad decision.
I'm an OFFICIAL TR fansite.

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Levels 27 and 28 of Jason's Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation blender series:

Egypt | Sphinx Complex


Egypt | Underneath the Sphinx

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^He is so good at doing these. I don't think I've seen one I don't like.
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OMG look at that ! He almost wants me to replay Underneath the Sphinx... and it's imo the worst level of TR4 !

EDIT : TR2 is perfect I didn't even want to get rid of Oil Rigs, I like those levels.
My least favourite is Home Sweet Home I guess. I like how they surprised us with this welcomed last level, but it was the least interesting.
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I was just watching a let's play of AOD, and I honestly forgot all about the mutant fish. That thing still terrifies me.
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Chocola teapot
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It's great to see that you guys generally understand, I'd be happier without the oil rig levels too.

Wow at those isometric levels, imagine them as actual statuettes one could buy!
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