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Red face TR on eeepc

Hi all.

I've got a small 1005P Eeepc that I've used on and off over the years for TR games on Windows 7. Win 10 has always been super sluggish.

Anyway today arrived my new 2gb RAM chip which has installed without a hitch (was previously 1g) I decided to buy it after really wanting Windows 10 to run better and hoping in effect my games.

I've only tried TR2-5 and wouldnt bother any higher but, they're still lagging a fair bit even with the lowest settings. I've completely debloated my win10 so I hope I haven't removed something crucial that helps games perhaps run smoother. I've deactivated some pretty heavy services to help optimize (windows defender) and I'm aware of those risks.

Had zero issues running them on the same PC when it was 1gig win 7. If anything they actually looked ultra smooth!
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