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I'm an absolute idiot for not just thinking to add a normal TR4 rollingball again

I saw your reply the other day but forgot to say thankyou!

I made a bit more sense of it (and how to bypass it) thanks to this snipped in the TRNG tutorials section. I was okay with Having a one off unique door containing a CD trigger in it's opening animation - but who doesn't want to strive for a script trigger group instead lol.

Multi-squared trigger zones

Let’s see eg. a PAD F129 to play an audio track. That must be a single trigger, as I said in the working methods tutorial.
What if that trigger has a 21 square sized location? – Well, then the location will be treated as if that were two 11 sized locations for the working methods, i.e. two PAD F129 triggers for that audio track, next to each other.
For example:
Lara steps into the trigger zone, on one square of the trigger. The audio starts playing. When some seconds have been played, then Lara (not leaving the trigger zone) steps on the other square of the trigger. As I said, each square is treated as an independent trigger, so the track starts playing again, from the beginning. When some seconds have been played, then Lara (not leaving the trigger zone) steps back on the first square of the trigger, starting the track again from the beginning etc. – But you probably thought that the track would start from the beginning only each time when Lara steps into the trigger zone, so you probably thought nothing would happen if Lara walks from square to square inside the trigger zone.

So the problem now is the F129 multi-squared trigger performs single activations even when you don’t expect that.
If you want to fix that problem, then do this:
Don’t place that F129 in the map. Instead, export the F129 in the Script, then activate it with a single F118 (still as PAD), placing F118 on the same squares where you originally wanted to place that F129. Use only one of these flags for the TriggerGroup (attaching them to the first number of the first trigger):


TGROUP_SINGLE_SHOT says the TriggerGroup can be activated only once:

- So if Lara steps on any square of that PAD, then the track will start. After that, if she walks back and forth between the squares of the trigger, inside the trigger zone, then nothing will happen, because that TriggerGroup has been activated yet.
If she walks out of the trigger zone and then walks back, then still nothing will happen.
- And, if there are other triggers placed in the map to activate the same TriggerGroup, then those triggers will also be disabled when that PAD is activated.
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Why is this thread in dxtr3d section? The user seems to be using TRNG with plugins

also you're welcome!
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