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Originally Posted by Stevo505 View Post
Anyway, yeah, I'd prefer no more origin stories for Lara. Let her be the damn tomb raider already.
She hasn't been the Tomb Raider since I was in Kindergarten. I'm graduating from high school in May.
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Originally Posted by Costel View Post
I have an idea. How about this:
Lara goes alone in a new adventure where she spends hours exploring tombs, doesn't meet any tribe, doesn't help anyone defeat bad guys, she is not forced to wear any ugly outfit, she can use all her weapons anywhere, can draw her bow anywhere, she doesn't stumble on people in big cities, she doesn't have to save anyone, doesn't witness anyone death that was barely introduced that no one cares about.Has shorts and dual pistols.
Sounds better doesn't it.?
Yes please. TR2013 was kinda like this ngl (obviously except the last sentence).
*inhales* Welcome to my most modest dwelling! *sighs*
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