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Post Article: Make sure your accounts are secure

So I just read this nightmare horror story of someone losing access to their digital life because of a sim swap hack. Basically the hacker calls the phone company and has the phone number transferred to device that they have in order to gain access to accounts that have that number or record.

The guy goes into detail into what happened and what recommendations he has for securing your accounts.

Basically make sure your phone company has a secure way of identifying you that a hacker wouldn't know like a pin number or phrase or something.

Make sure when setting up two factor that it isn't always based on SMS.

Make sure to write down and secure your passwords and not just rely on one service with all your sensitive information.

As of this time the guy has finally gotten in contact with someone at google, but still this is a very good time to remind everyone to make sure their accounts are secure.

Article: https://www.zdnet.com/article/sim-sw...lift-a-finger/
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