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That's wonderful news! Thank you so much!
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Shakira Croft
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Best news of the day! Thanks
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Mrs Manson
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O.M.G i can't belive it
One question, I have to uninstall the previous version to install the new one?
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The learning curve is quite steep, but I think it'll be worth it!
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Ado Croft
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OMG. Very good news thank you sooo much. I can't believe it
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This is the best birthday gift ever, thanks
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Originally Posted by Paolone View Post
- Extended memory buffer in NG_Tom2pc.exe for room+obj tail infos.
The memory changes from 300Kb to 1.2 Mb

- Extended global memory for all level data in tomb4.exe.
The level memory buffer changes from 20.000.000 to 60.000.000 bytes
I have questions about those things, Extended memory buffer in NG_tom2pc means, that converter is able to apply more textures to level? If yes, how many texture pages and tex infos exactly? If this new value is big, it would be nice to be able to extend TGA space, right now it can hold 256 128x128 textures. Engine can accept more than 1000 texture pages ( or 256x256 textures ), while in NGLE we can have only 64x64 256x textures + those NG_Tom2PC restrictions.

What is the second one, global memory for all level data?

And thanks for update, nice that you are still working on this.

EDIT: Hm.. I will ask here another question: I guess that geometry vertices limit per one level ( This about 150.000 vertices ), was not extended. Is it possible at all in maybe future updates to increase? Or not possible without source code?
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That moment when you're on your toughest semester in university, the exam session is so close and the new TRNG update comes out...
I can not fit into words how excited I feel right now! And with that excitement comes the devastating realisation that I won't be able to dip my fingers into it that soon...

Anyway, I'd like to give a HUGE thanks to both Paolone and Psiko for pulling this off and making the long awaited "TRNG 2.0" a reality. Really, so many doors have been opened, and I believe this update will allow people to open many, many more.

Thank you, Paolo, for putting so much effort and free time into TRNG as a whole, for continuing it despite the ups and downs you have faced, despite all the obstacles on the path. My gratitude for this is just boundless, again, thank you so much.
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This certainly is wonderful news, Paolone! Thanks for the huge effort. Can't wait to take a closer look at this!
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Are the NGLE.exe and NG_TOM2pc.exe supposed to have been updated? mine haven't

And thanks for this Paolone, amazing as usual! I'm so excited to see what everyone will come up with
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