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I thank you, I'm really moved by your welcome.

Here some answers to your questions.

Originally Posted by LGG_PRODUCTION View Post
How can I play the two demos?
The "inputbox_staticmip" level is a common level. You copy the script.txt and english.txt files in script folder, the wad files in trle\graphics\wads folder and the .prj .tga files in some subfolder of trle\map folder.
Then build the script, start ngle, load the inputbox.prj project and click on [Exit and Play] button.

For the "Plugin Demo" you have to do the same, but, first to build the script, you have to install the plugins required.
Click on [Install New Plugin] button in NG Center's plugin panel, and select the "Plugin Setup Files" folder that you got downloading and uncompressing the "Plugin Demo" zip file. In that folder, you select a first plugin, for instance "Cleaner" plugin folder. Ng Center will be restarted, and then you install another plugin and go on, until you installed all four plugins.
Now you'll be able to build the script e tr4 file and play the level.

Originally Posted by Sabatu View Post
Its possible to change default water color ? like tr1-3 ??
I suppose it was... just studying the tomb4 source code and discovering where is the color light for flood rooms and then change it with a patch.

Originally Posted by tomb2player View Post
I have questions about those things, Extended memory buffer in NG_tom2pc means, that converter is able to apply more textures to level? If yes, how many texture pages and tex infos exactly? If this new value is big, it would be nice to be able to extend TGA space, right now it can hold 256 128x128 textures. Engine can accept more than 1000 texture pages ( or 256x256 textures ), while in NGLE we can have only 64x64 256x textures + those NG_Tom2PC restrictions.

What is the second one, global memory for all level data?

And thanks for update, nice that you are still working on this.

EDIT: Hm.. I will ask here another question: I guess that geometry vertices limit per one level ( This about 150.000 vertices ), was not extended. Is it possible at all in maybe future updates to increase? Or not possible without source code?
The extended memory in ng_tom2pc was about tail infos of objects' testures.
The limit for tga texture map was possible passing over but there is a limitation about index for tail index stored in .tom file. Pratically we should change all internal format of tomb4 files to get that target.
Possible but complicated.
About the max limit of 150.000 vertices ... I neither knew that limit. How have you calculated it?

Originally Posted by VictorXD View Post
Are the NGLE.exe and NG_TOM2pc.exe supposed to have been updated? mine haven't
What do you mean?
Hasn't ngle the new "Plugin" menu?
Because the exe are the same of the past but they load tomb_nextgeneration.dll that will change them, dynamically at start.
NG_Tom2pc now is able to handle plugin data stored in .tom files and support more objects' textures and ngle has different new features about plugins.
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Thumbs up

I have not much time to check this out this month, but OMG Paolone!!!!
This is like the best early Xmas gift ever!
Thank you so much!!!
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Originally Posted by Paolone View Post
About the max limit of 150.000 vertices ... I neither knew that limit. How have you calculated it?
Thanks for answer!

Many people reported this limit, it's easy to reach it while using Meta2TR. Due to reports, it varies between 150000 to 180000 before level start crashing. Why it varies between those values is unknown, possibly connected to amount of WAD object meshes and their vertices.

It's easy to reach this with usage of Meta2TR, in cases when there are many complex meshes with big amount of vertices merged to room geometry.

I will ask another question by the way: Is it possible at all to increase "boxes: x/2040" and "overlaps" limits? Or hard coded and impossible to touch?
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I was so waiting for this, i can come back to build
thank you Paolone we love you
Coder in progress...
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Wow, this is so awsome, wasn't expecting it so soon Thank you so much for your amazing work Paolone
just started taking a peak at everything and i am sooooooo lost!! gonna take some time to understand!
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Hopefully we are able to create weapons with this plugin feature.
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Oh boy...

This is such great news!!!
So much to learn to, judging from the OP.
Great stuff, Paolone!

Does anyone know yet if this TRNG version is compatible with FLEP?
I'm using the smoke-emitter patch and the patch for increasing the size of sfx and the quality of sfx.
Especially the increased filesize for sfx samples is needed for one puzzle...
If it is not compatible, then perhaps a plugin could be made. The tomb4.exe is capable of better quality sfx after all, otherwise that FLEP patch wouldn't have been possible either.
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Shakira Croft
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It doen't work for me
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Can confirm that FLEP completely breaks the new tomb4.exe
If the patches were possible in FLEP, then I'm sure they're also possible in the new TRNG version
A lot of the FLEP patches are pretty important for my project so I hope someone will port them eventually.
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Yay, NOW this is a moment to say this: "Christmas has come early"!

I can't express how much I'm exited to discover the new possibilities of TRNG now. And about FLEP patches... Well, plugins or a new FLEP will eventually come out.
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