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Idk what constitutes "cheating", it's just a game. If someone was challenging you to beat the game then yeah, it'd be cheating, but if you're just playing the game and the challenge isn't the part of it that excites you, then go right ahead
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When I first played TR1 it was literally the second game I had ever done in full so I was almost totally new to gaming. I'd seen the Prima guide for TR1 in the bucket bin (50p/75c) at the counter when I bought it so I bought that too.

I desperately wanted not to use it, for much the same reasons purists here have said, but I got lost in one of the Egyptian levels accidentally bugging through a railing and the guide helped me get out of that. I probably referred to it four or five times afterwards too.

When it came to TR2 I was more experienced and did not need a guide to complete the game but I did refer to a GameFAQs guide later for some of the dragon statue locations. I also used the guide at another point when I knew where I had to go but couldn't see anyway of getting there.

The guides I used were and in my experience generally are almost always useless for this sort of thing. It was just me still being new to gaming and a bit rubbish in that I had not realised you could do a bendy jump and grab.

I'll admit to similar 'instances' in my first playthroughs of other games too and not in the distant past either. But that has been required less and less over the years and long ago my ideal became always to play without any help no matter how long I'm stuck somewhere.

But there does come a point when that does drain the entertainment value to minimal levels. In most of my most recent referrals to guides 9 times out of 10 I've found that it was actually a bug or glitch I'd encountered and I could have been stuck there forever. That is not fun. But the other one of the 10 most recent guide referral was just embarrassing and I do not want to talk about.

The challenge and consequent satisfaction of completing a game 100% without help can not be overstated. You will never get the full value of a game if you use a walkthrough right from the start. That is just not the way to play a game where puzzles are a key gameplay component.

But having said that you might never get everything out of a game if you do not use one at least afterwards. That is the dilemma; there are plenty of secrets and easter eggs I would have never thought of looking for I've later read about in games I'd thought I'd sucked dry.

In the case of TR if I hadn't come here and read about things like corner bugs I wouldn't have had the extended entertainment from the Core games that I have had.
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Originally Posted by ThatSassyKid View Post
Why do you even care about what people think of you playing a game that you own?
Its not like im going to base my playstyle on comments. Im just curious.

But I do want to try without using walktrough at first. I do use it for Jade dragons. Or secrets.
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Only you can tell if using a walkthru is in any way wrong, and even then that applies only for you.
Walkthrus are written for a reason, however. It varies from person to person what they find satisfying gaming experience. Those who more into the story and the visuals may not like being stuck, at least not for long. Those who more into the challenge and problem solving aspects, they like to do things on their own.
One extreme would be if someone actually prints out the walkthru and follows it word by word while playing, I've heard this being done. The other is if one never uses it, period.
In reality most people are somewhere in between. I very much like to solve things without any help, like in custom levels if a builder succeeds in making me stuck, that's when I got fired up and start to get really involved in the level. But even then there is a limit, if I'm stuck for days, possibly having played some other levels in the meanwhile, then I might take a peek. It happens very rarely though, but when it does it usually turns out either a bug, which I couldn't have known, or something I consider unfair, like an unmarked pushy-cube for example, which I could only found by literally standing in front of every single wall tile and press action, see if anything happens. Back in the day I did that sort of thing, that's how I found the Golden secret in one of the Tibetan levels, the one with the bridge inside. But these days I just can't find the time to get stuck with something like that for who knows, weeks perhaps.
Most of the time I use walkthrus only after I finished a level, just to check myself, if I found everything. That's where color codes are useful, so I can skim through without actually reading. Just go pickup by pickup as they are highlighted with color or by some other means, different font or something.
A good walkthru writer is aware of all these various possibilities, the ways people might use it, and write it in a way that tries to cater for them all. It's a fine line though.
Those official guide books and the like are usually not much use, mostly they follow the attitude of "go in the room, kill everyone, pick up everything" sort of thing. Why, thank you very much, most players can figure out that that would be the general idea, that hardly qualifies as a walkthru.
On the other hand going into too much details can also be bad, condescending. So one should know when to go into details, some tricky puzzles or jump sequences might warrant a step by step guide, but at the same time mentioning every pickup and kill, especially in a game which actually counts them in the stats, are important too.
Well, I stop before this gets into an article length.
As for using the walkthrus, and exactly how, the bottomline is this, whatever makes you happy.
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Wooow Akci! Thank you for taking time to reply in detail to my question.

Thank you, I agree !
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Melonie Tomb Raider
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It's a game and it's meant to be played however you want to play it. I don't use guides of cheat codes until after I beat them and want to goof around, but it's not my place or anyone else's to judge someone else who uses guides and cheats. However you have most fun playing, do it.
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Originally Posted by Melonie Tomb Raider View Post
It's a game and it's meant to be played however you want to play it. I don't use guides of cheat codes until after I beat them and want to goof around, but it's not my place or anyone else's to judge someone else who uses guides and cheats. However you have most fun playing, do it.
Exactly. I always use the weapon cheat when playing classic TR because it makes my experience more fun.
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Props to those of you that beat these games without using guides. If you were able to beat TR3 without a guide, I'm assuming you have a PhD from Harvard.

Originally Posted by Joey79100 View Post
Getting stuck for too long really sucks. Happens a lot in some custom levels (which are for some reason rated very high). When I'm stuck like that I'll use a walkthrough just to get a clue if possible, reading the less I can, and if it doesn't help I'll use a video to see what I missed. Just what I messed. And then I go back to it. And sometimes I get stuck again literally the minute after, and I'll quickly draw that walkthrough again.
I don't do it anymore when replaying official TRs because I remember pretty fast what the general thing was and I can find my way like that, but when I play a game for the first time (like Shadow recently), I'll have to use the walkthrough a few times at least. It's great to be able to solve things on your own, but when you missed one little thing and you don't know what, or the puzzle just doesn't make any sense (TRLE levels I'm looking at you very strongly), a walkthrough is always welcome. At least you'll have seen the whole game, which is also part of the fun.
Yeah that's how I feel. Obviously I try to do whatever I can on my own but getting stuck for over 15 minutes is just not fun. TR3 and 4, I had to use the guidebook every 5 minutes.
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My mom's a legend for finishing TR2 and TR3 by herself while I was watching as a kid. No walkthroughs no nothing.

I did my best to avoid walkthroughs on fanmade levels but there were a couple of times I checked them. I lose patience or interest if I'm stuck for too long.

For Shadow of the Tomb Raider I did play on the hardest difficulties and turned off Survival Instincts and managed to do all the challenge tombs by myself. Some took 30 minutes and a couple of deaths while others were easier.

I don't consider walkthroughs as cheats but it depends on you and how you enjoy games the most, feeling satisfied progressing yourself or getting help from a walkthrough.
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I want to replay all the tomb raider games and I will use the cheat to unlock all the weapons cause i dont want combat to be challenging and i want a variety of weapons from the start. I want to experience the classics mostly through their traversal and puzzles and thats okay. if thats cheating, so be it.
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