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Tomb Raider
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I think I maybe suffering from TR burnout, I tried to play classic TR 1 and I just couldn't do it.
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see you when the first news will come out (not like you will be everywhere anyway )
Hi, I'm Marissa. I'm super excited to take trf's look to the next level.
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Felix Kroft
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Well i really don't care anymore.
I've only played TR 2013 from the new series.
Just out of curiosity.
And that wasn't something memorable, or enjoyable as a game.

It's a solid title, sort of.

But i still love Classic TR's and i replay Legend from time to time.

I care about Lara, and Tomb Raider, but i'm really not hyped, i don't care about anything reboot related, RISE OF TOMB RAIDER, or SHADOW OF TOMB RAIDER didn't interest me that much, i just watched gameplay on Youtube, i liked some stuff, like environments, or atmosphere, but there's way too much drama, forced walking, and other distracting stuff about those games that i just don't give a...

As i've said before, i want to PLAY THE GAME, not interact with some hollywood-interactive-movie-wannabe.

Other than that, i'm just there, in the background, always hoping for something good to happen with the series. But i can sleep softly, it doesn't bother me that much, maybe someday series will be back on track.
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I still care, I just have no excitement or enthusiasm anymore. I do think they made some good choices with Shadow but overall the reboot has become a bit stale to me. I miss feeling excited about Tomb Raider
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More games come out, life goes on, and interests change. Just a few days ago I realized i'm probably not a fan at this point and just someone who likes a handful of the TR games and was going through a phase. Oh well.
Then again I enjoyed those games enough to end up here so I probably still care enough.
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It's not that I don't care anymore but more that I have absolutely no expectations whatsoever. Like, whatever they do, I already know that I won't like it so it's no use getting my hopes up. I'll still be interested/curious simply because I'm invested in the franchise so I do care about what happens with it but I'm not invested in the actual games they're releasing these days.
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Tomb Raider
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Its quite the compliment to Lara that so many people are still here despite the series and character deviating from what they'd like for so long. Lara holds so much nostalgia and importance to me and who I was when I was younger that I'll always be interested in the series. I've not been as enamored with the reboot era and formula, although Shadow made massive strides forward in many ways, just a bit too late, and I'll be here for the next era too.
... in my opinion.
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I feel like we need this break. I haven’t had that rush of seeing the new model every time a TR game is announced.
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