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Originally Posted by fallenangle View Post
You'll have to remind me - which lever?

I'm guessing you mean after the block moving puzzle instead of going down the slope chased by the boulders you actually go back the way you came.

You can then drop down into the water and avoid the darts just as you did on the swim into that area.

That is indeed a solution and, if I recall correctly, you don't miss any pickups.

The only problem I have with that is you've usually blocked the way back getting to the lever. So you're going to have to do even more block pulling and pushing but it does avoid the problem mentioned.
That’s the lever I mean I know you can avoid the darts after that drop, but the timing of it is unfathomable to me. It felt like a matter of luck, and if I had known I could avoid that part altogether, I would have done so a lot earlier ^^

I just finished The river Ganges yesterday and I was amazed by how short and easy it was. The quad bike handled well and I didn’t encounter any great difficulties on my route. Maybe the other route is harder.

Now I’m on Caves of Kaliya, and the atmosphere at least is different. Its green gloom feels hostile. [That feeling is probably left over from way back. I actually remembered the whole of India as one giant level and the darkly green parts of it were always the most dangerous.] But after a few tries, I can run straight through to the snake pit. That’s still scary though. And I have no idea how hard the boss will be. One complication is that I haven’t found any weapons yet, so I only have my dual pistols

Edit: It was actually easy
If I was you I would do the very same thing... 68th GROWLer!

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