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Arrow Their Jackanory days are well over

Many thanks for completing this series of write-ups, Danjo86! It's rare to get such a thorough review of a game.

Might add more comments later but for now:

- some years ago, I wrote a review for the original Tomb Raider trilogy (you can still find it here and on GOG), my overall verdict for Tomb Raider II is not very different from yours: 75%, i.e., between good and very good. As an action-adventure game, it's mainly held back by an average (5/10) narrative ("narrative" is not just "main plot", it also accounts for "worldbuilding" - there's more than one way to convey a story!) - copy-pasting from my review: the story is OK and is mainly held together by the cinematics (incl. the great intro), which are technically better than previously and still look good today. While the use of Chinese mythology combined with Italian mafia tropes is exciting, the overall plot is slightly inferior to that of the first game, due to the virtual absence of character development (Lara is Lara as previously established, and the main antagonist is cool but one dimensional). Of course, in a game like this the story is as much in the player's journey as it is in the script, and conceptually there's plenty of mystery here to stimulate one's imagination.
- Even something like Temple of Xian doesn't get better than 85% in my book (between very good and excellent); Crash Site in Tomb Raider III is what I'd call excellent (90%); to be completely honest, an easy way of making ToX truly excellent would be to revamp it with TR3's graphics
- you are harsher than me on Venice though (that's an 80% for me!)
- I agree with the high consistency score, I said as much in my first post in this thread (to be clear: the way I'd rate the individual levels would show even less disparity than in your case)

Tomb Raider II was certainly Core Design's peak in terms of commercial success and popularity: still, they would go on to make better Tomb Raider games, but only incrementally, and franchise fatigue eventually settled in (strictly speaking, that is the fault of Eidos).

A little mistake in your last post:
- "Tibetís average level score of just under 80%" - you actually gave it 80%

As my "childhood" (mostly teenagehood) Tomb Raider game, Tomb Raider II is undoubtedly the one I hold the most nostalgia for and I adore the Tomb Raider 2 Remake demo by Nicobass
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The Venice level, and the Croft Manor is the most memorable. Butler, get going please! lol
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