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So I've been on a replay of this game and I have to say, this game, as much as it's criticized negatively, it does have some great things to appreciate and like that many other games couldn't manage to offer. My focus is Lara's character as well as the gameplay.

- The Mediterranean Sea level is a really cool level aesthetically and the underwater life is implemented very nicely. Lara's ability to use duals even inside water seemed so fun. Also her ability to sprint swim, grab object and swim while taking it to workout a puzzle underwater was very refreshing and unique element added to this game.

- Lara's acrobatic moves are just awesome in this game. I also enjoy the roll move in this game more than the previous ones. There's no doubt Lara was at her peak of capabilities in this game. She could cartwheel on beams, do side flips after wallruns, do quick handstands etc. I really really enjoyed every little move and detail that was optional but fun to do so.

- Lara had all her abilities from Legend and Anniversary as well as new and improved moves and mechanics as well. She could perch on posts, climb posts, stand on thin vertical bars and balance on them. She also gave the player more control over traversal, she could hang and stay on corners of ledges, jump sideways whenever shimmying or rock climbing, stand on ledges in some cases, perform chimney jumps (which is miles miles better than the double jump in reboot games) and whatnot. I felt very much in control of the character and enjoyed it all.

- Honorary mention would be Lara's state of the art Grappling gun. She could attach to hooks standing anywhere apart from just in mid air. She could just move around and manipulate the cable of her grapple arould corners and stuff allowing for better puzzles (underutilized though).

Plus there were many more things and details which Underworld Lara has that no other Lara in any TR game ever possesses. If we were to rate every TR game based on Lara's moves and gameplay mechanics, TR Underworld is on the top of the chart for me a 101%. I know it was a buggy mess too in many aspects and not as polished as Legend and Anniversary felt but it was the most comprehensive in terms of Lara's player model and moveset.

I really do hope, we get to witness the comeback of all of these moves in the next game because Reboot Lara can't do **** besides killing 1000 men with a bow and rope pulling.
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I found out today you can "detatch" the Camera in an odd way.

Go into the first person view with Lara's Camera (down on the D-pad) then open up the PDA.

The game will go into the "third person" camera...but Lara is invisible and you'll still have the overlay/controls of the first person camera.

You can no longer zoom in/out but you can still rotate the camera with an invisible Lara until you close the camera.
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