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Default XENIA version, settings?

I need help.. I finally got to a point in my life where I want to play the xbox exclusive DLCs

I've managed to get Beneath The Ashes and Lara's Shadow running on PC with Xenia, but the graphics are like kinda off..
There's like a weird fog everywhere, only ponytail and bangs seem unaffected by this fog: SCREENSHOTS

There's also a lot of texture flickering.
I wonder how those guys on youtube have a crystal clear image.

Is there any setting I missed or am I using a wrong Xenia version?
Do you have any ideas?
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Xenia has a configuration file that you can edit for various things.
First make an empty file called portable.txt where your xenia.exe is. That will store all emulator files in the same folder. Otherwise they'd go inside Documents/Xenia I think.

The configuration file for Master Build is called xenia.config.toml
For Canary Build it's called xenia-canary-config.toml

Open that file in any text editor such as Notepad/Notepad++
Each line has a comment after the # character that gives you a description of what is what. At the moment Xenia doesn't have a fancy GUI so you have to edit these in the file yourself.

I haven't experimented too much with those settings yet, but I do know that TRU has graphical issues that are, at least in my case, resolved when I set the line 'depth_float24_conversion' to 'truncate'.

Other lines of note are:
gpu = d3d12 for Direct3D 12 or vulkan for Vulkan renderer which is currently not recommended
render_target_path_d3d12 = rtv (recommended for speed) or rov (higher accuracy at the cost of performance)
Double/triple the resolution: --d3d12_resolution_scale=2 (this a shortcut param, it can be changed in the config file with draw_resolution_scale_x and draw_resolution_scale_y. This is a hack so bugs should be expected)
fullscreen = true (enables fullscreen, to load a game press CTRL + O)
vsync = true/false
protect_zero = true/false (certain games require this to be set to false)

Play around with the rest. If you find something that improved TRU do let us all know
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Thank you very much!

path rov really fixed the fog and flicker issue!
it now runs smoothly (when the shaders are compiled of course ) and it's gorgeous! omg how I wish they'd bring those DLCs on PC
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