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31. Horror Stories (2012), Tubi

Wasn't sure what to expect from this one but I ended up liking it a lot for the most part. The first story about the kids with the (haunted?) home invasion was pretty wild and had a lot of good spooks. I really liked the story about the serial killer loose on an airplane, but I'm also a sucker for thrillers set on airplanes so it was right up my alley. It also had some spooky haunted elements mixed in which felt a little out of place, but on the whole I just kind of rolled with it. The jealous sister story was probably the weakest of the bunch, although things kind of started to fall into place in the very end. The zombie ambulance story was pretty standard "zombie apocalypse" fare but it was well done and it kept my attention throughout. The very end felt like a bit of a "gotcha" but on the whole I still liked it.

1. 'Tales from the Crypt' (1972)
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3. 'Southbound' (2015)
4. 'The Vault of Horror' (1973)
BONUS: 'Smile' (2022)
5. 'Creepshow' (1982)
6. 'The House That Dripped Blood' (1971)
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BONUS: 'Deadstream' (2022)
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14. 'Deadtime Stories' (1986)
BONUS: 'Halloween Ends' (2022)
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18. 'Twice Told Tales' (1963)
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20. 'Twilight Zone: The Movie' (1983)
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26. 'The Mortuary Collection' (2019)
27. 'Three Extremes' (2003)
BONUS: 'Antrum' (2018)
28. 'Dead of Night' (1977)
BONUS: 'Scream 4' (2011)
BONUS: 'The Mummy' (1932)
29. 'Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark' (2019)
30. 'Horror Noire' (2021)
31. 'Horror Stories' (2012)
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