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Default Google Chrome Notifications Are Saying That My PC Has Been Hacked And Has Viruses

When I went onto the internet using Google Chrome, I had endless notifications from Google Chrome popping up and saying that my computer has been hacked and contains viruses. I didn't click onto the pop ups as I'm aware that pop ups like these can often be viruses themselves, or virus protection softwares trying to scare you into buying virus protection. I checked my computer settings and ran some scans and everything appeared to be in order; no viruses were detected and there was no mention of my computer being hacked or anything like that. The notifications from Chrome kept popping up, until I disabled notifications from Chrome as it ended up getting on my nerves. I'm just wondering if my computer is safe and what the deal with all the pop ups was?
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Usually the popups alone don't do any harm. You probably clicked 'allow' when a web page asked you if they could show notifications and now it spams you. It should be possible to remove the notification permission in your Chrome's setting on a per-page basis.

It's nonetheless a good idea to check the PC for malware and viruses - just to be on the safe side.
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