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Originally Posted by HarleyCroft View Post
I was always too poor to be an early adopter of consoles.. had a hand-me-down PS, have a slim PS2, matte PS3 and (I think?) slim PS4.

Are there any PS5 exclusives worth getting the new system for? Like really really? I'm stoked for GoW Ragnarok but it'll be on PS4 too
Often its better to not be one of the "first" to get a console, often a year or so after its release, many annoying bugs etc are fixed.
Also you get it slightly cheaper at this stage and all that.
Not the worst idea to wait.

The time of the ps5 will begin towards the end of this year i assume, thats when next gen really hits with games and all.
At the moment i personally couldnt say that there is one game out there that is worth the system.

I mean i have fun with my PS5, but outside of Astro's Playroom which is a love letter to Playstation...there isnt too much exclusive i would say makes it worth it.

Sure if you play something like Assassins Creed Valhalla, being on the ps5 would be a gift because the ps4 loading times are horrible.
I guess that is one benefit, the shorter loading times on PS5...but game wise there isnt too much out yet exclusive for ps5 that is worth it imo.
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I agree. From an exclusives standpoint, it's really not yet necessary to upgrade, as most of the better ones are still coming out for the PS4 as well.
Many games you buy now can even be upgraded to the PS5 version lateron at no or small cost (10), also.

The drasically omproved loading times, and better graphics and performance are a selling point, but not many games make use of the PS5's power yet, anyways.
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