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Nina Croft
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I have quite a powerful machine, with 16 GB of RAM, and a separate 8 GB GPU, plus four-core CPU and I7 architecture. I would not agree with you that the problem is caused by insufficient RAM. Most recent games which require a very powerful machine work without any single problem, with maximum graphics settings. Maybe it has something to do with the system. I tried to assign the highest priority to NG Center and all ngle applications in the Task Manager and also disable the antivirus (Kaspersky), which did help a bit, but the problem still perseveres.

PS: I don't use Tomb Editor, but NGLE.
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Yeah i ran ng_center with ngle on windows7 with only 4gb ram. Ram is definitely not the issue here.
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Is there a better texture builder out there that I don't know about?
TB24 works perfect at times but when loading a bigger TGA it sometimes says some textures are too big to load and other times, the same TGA, loads perfectly fine. If there isn't anything else, is there a way to fix this so I can finally start texturing?
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Check out TextureMake, it is a recreation of TBuilder (exact same interface), but with support for big files if i remember correctly, and .PNG too.
You can find it in the Software section of this forum if I'm not mistaken.

Originally Posted by justin View Post
Yeah i ran ng_center with ngle on windows7 with only 4gb ram. Ram is definitely not the issue here.
4Go of RAM is not that much by today's standards, if you have a few heavy apps running at once it can quickly be filled up almost to 100% (especially if you have for example 5-6 tabs open in Chrome, which is an awfully expensive browser egarding RAM). And when your computer runs out of RAM it has to use your hard drives storage instead, which is *VERY much* slower than RAM.
Also maybe it's not specifically a RAM issue but a weak CPU.
Also you might have a powerful enough PC for most apps but NG Center was not coded in the most advanced technology (VB6) and it might have difficultied handling big files regardless of your PC's performance (we have that problem with tomb4 for example).

If it works fine with smaller files, then you should probably consider using the #INCLUDE directive, to break your script into several smaller files. This way only smaller files will be loaded at once in NG Center. It might slow down a little script compilation times but it's gonna much more bearable this way, along with making your script more manageable for the human eye.
Plus this way you can reuse the same file several times if you have identical lines in several levels (I'm thinking of animation scripts for example).

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