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Haha this is so cool

Nicely done Mokono
Persecution to all non Luds Gate believers may God's wrath fall upon you sinners
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Thanks! What you've been up to lately? This thread needs more AoD enthusiasts.
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ow i didn,t see that the lady gaga mod was finished, thank you ^__^, i gonna try it out. hope it works form e, because it looks beautifull♥ thank you mokono
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Originally Posted by Mokono View Post
How did I miss this...

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I think it would be great if some skilled modders could find a way to activate the missing PS2 effects on the PC version of AoD. Such as:

-Snow in Monstrum Crimescene level/Light effects in Vasiley's shop
-Magical effects from Eckhardt's glove
-Reddish effect that occurs when Kurtis uses his 'farsee' ability in cutscenes
-Bits of blood on the floor(occurs if Lara or an enemy is shot)

I also think it would be good if all those missing textures throughout the PC levels were fixed. So we can at least play without these oddities.

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Default Mac problems

Hi everyone, I am currently looking at whats available for the Mac (non intel PPC code G4) as regards to modding TRAOD.

Things I need to obtain, not be reliant on windows
1. A decompresser to extract .GMX from the .CLZ archives
2. A Program to extract the .CHR files from the .GMX files
3. A program to extract and insert the .dds files
4. A program to edit the .dds files
5. A configurable launcher

From the above,
1 would be nice,
2 is not strictly necessary as there is a number of .chr files to use as a base for texture editing,
3 please SparedLife can you send me the source code for the Loader.exe to see if i can port it to Mac,
4 I found a graphic program that supports .dds file (cant remember the name off hand, i will edit later)
5 I am working on this at the moment, currently only -godmode, -nofmv and possibly -selectlevel are implemented in the mac version of the game. There are some more command line arguments i found while hexing the .app file, but they crash the game or ask to insert disk1 and then never access it.

Things that are not in the TRAOD.app file are , -debugkeys (file refers to debugmenu, but dose nothing)

Using SparedLife's DTX5 models I get random missing textures.

This is using the straight as supplied LaraD.chr and the interchangeable characters from SparedLife's website unmodified.

There is a possibility that the mac version wont support DTX5's additional gloss and shine channels.

Having to work on the files at lunchtime and them transport them home to test on my mac is a slow process, hence the need to work on the tools above.

News, Mac Launcher is here TRAOD Launcher revB.zip

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Default Mac Tools, Launcher and Texture Ripper & Injector

Tools finished and can be downloded here.

TRAOD Applications.zip


TRAOD DDS Injector & TRAOD Launcher
Copywrite, Michael Scott
Use by all means, don't steal.

Developed in Realbasic 5.5.5 on OSX 10.4.11 Tiger

Launcher, can be installed anywhere. place in Applications folder and link to the dock. .APP file is not the same as the PC version and looking at the contents through a Hex editor i is more akin to the Play Station version judging by the controller set-up and cheat code references.

On first start, click button 1. and navigate to your TRAOD application (sorry will have to do this ever time you start the app), select options required, NoFMV, GodMode, Start any level, pick from the drop-down.
Very important, click "3. Build shell string" every-time you change options in (2), Click Start to launch TRAOD with the options specified.

TRAOD Injector & Texture Ripper.
Make a folder for the application and the supplied .CHR files, the application loads the .chr files and saves .dds textures by default to the folder the application is in.

On clicking the "Rip DDS From Chr" button a "Open dialog box" will open and you can select any .chr file, on opening the application will automatically Rip the .dds textures from the .chr file and state "Done" when finished.

You can then modify the textures in a suitable paint program that supports .dds file format, making sure that you save the file in the DXT format it was originally ripped in, i.e. DTX1 or DX3 (check the Lara.dat file for sizes and DXT compression type)

I have found that you do not have to produce Mips (Mini Maps) when opening or saving files.

A note on the file names, the textures are named with the source Lara.chr file type, the number of the offset where they have to be re-inserted back in to the .chr file.

Example "LaraD.chr 123456.dds", you can (and will have to if you have many modded textures) re-name the files, all the file name up-to the .dds has to remain the sane as the original.

So you can add a recognizable name to the file after the ,period after the numbers, i.e. "LaraD.chr 123456.my-file-name-here.dds", THE 2 SPACES ARE IMPORTANT AND MUST REMAIN.

Clicking the "Inject DDS into Chr", will bring up a "open dialog box", select the texture file to load, on selecting the appropriate file the texture will be inserted back into the .chr file and a message "Done" when finished.

Copy the modded .Chr file and paste it into the folder marked "DATA/char" in your TRAOD application folder, there will be a PIERRE.CHR, this is a patch from Core Design and should not be removed.

Start the game from the launcher (if you know which level to start with which Lara you modded, see level file for reference) or in the normal way.

I would not use any previous saved games, only saved game after you have modded the .chr file with, there is a chance the game will crash.

There are a lot of PC modded .chr files around, you can use these and you can rip the textures from them, BUT YOU CANNOT INSERT THE TEXTURES BACK IN TO THE FILES I PROVIDED, YOU MUST USE THE ORIGINAL .CHR FILE YOU RIPPED IT FROM, sorry for the shouting, as the PC files can be 1-2MB where as the standard ones are 516kB.

Also there is no support for SparedLife's DXT5 interchangeable file as these are not compatible with the Mac version.
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That is beautiful work! So good to see, I am a big (actually a HUGE) fan of Angel of Darkness and really like seeing any effort to keep it alive.
I'm not sure what I will be able to help with as explained in my PM but I can't express enough how much joy I get from seeing Mokono and the other users in this thread and now you doing so much for so few.
I really wish I could have kept up with the community I do miss it so.
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Thanks, with a bit of hard work i overcame the problems i was having understanding the binary file structures.

The interchangeable models seem to work, however the missing textures are in fact, the texture surface reacting to different light sources. In direct light there are there, in shadow the texture vanishes.

I did try reinserting the textures at DXT3 compression, no joy, last chance would be to re-inject at DXT1 compression and manually reduce the .chr file sizes.

Looking at the TRAOD mac application file, it looks like its a port from the PS2 code not the Windows code, hence the reduced support for command line options.

Can you shed any light on the mesh structure in the CHR files, i have found you posts explaining what parts did what, but the pictures were long lost (it was 2003). Comparing your XL and long braid (ponytail) chr files against standard ones, i can see where the changes were made, i just don't understand why or how.

Next project if i can start identifing the file parts is going to be a savegame editor.

Originally Posted by SparedLife View Post
That is beautiful work! So good to see, I am a big (actually a HUGE) fan of Angel of Darkness and really like seeing any effort to keep it alive.
I'm not sure what I will be able to help with as explained in my PM but I can't express enough how much joy I get from seeing Mokono and the other users in this thread and now you doing so much for so few.
I really wish I could have kept up with the community I do miss it so.
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Is there a mod for lara with a longer braid?
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