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Originally Posted by Robwood View Post
When Lara and Jonah return to Paititi, Uchu is working at the dock. Yes, the rebels use it.
There are also lower city people in the upper city, since the soldiers don't know which ones are the rebels.

When Lara first views the boat dock, Jonah is already there, so there must be an alternate path.

During game play, starting from Unuratu's prison area, Lara had to go west into the lower room, across the lower room, and had to use a key to open the door on the west side of the lower room to reach the stairs leading up to the northern part of the upper city. Then north east to the emperor's tomb where the entrance had two guards. The exit south out of the emperor's tomb area is closed off until soldiers open it during the battle sequence. After the battle, Lara goes through the now opened south exit out of the emperor's tomb area to trigger a scene, where she get's a view of the boat dock, and Jonah is already down there, so that would imply an alternate path.

The in scene view of the boat dock is altered to make the boat dock seem much closer, or the game map was altered after the scene was made. From the middle of Unuratu's prison area, you can look up and north east towards the south end of the area connected to the emperor's tomb and it is much higher and further north, while the boat dock is south and west of the middle. You can see two more rope and wood bridges, one to the west, one to the south, of the middle area, and these also show up on the in game map.

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