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Originally Posted by ggctuk View Post
Resaved files in the audio folder don't seem to want to play. Any chance that could be fixed? Or perhaps support for another format IE OGG or FLAC?
Head down the page to find "Madplay" to download the tool.

Use madplay/start_me TRLE Era audio converter (MP3 to WAV) to get the absolute correct encoding for TR4 playback. Manually saving in the apparently correct codec via generic audio editors simply just doesn't work has never worked for me and seemingly most others - however madplay does it flawlessly.

Make a working folder named AUDIO And place your desired MP3 in it to convert to WAV. name it anything between 000.mp3 and 110.mp3 so the program knows it needs TR4 OST codec, not SFX. Place both downloaded exes into that audio folder and run both, sorry I can't remember off hand which exe does the converting but one of them does xD in a window that shows you.

When it spits out your eventual WAV file, move it to your TR4 audio folder and rename to whatever you want it to overwrite

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