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I’m probably going to wait until the game is 75% off on Steam to buy it like all Ubisoft games go to after like a month of release.

It’s also pretty predatory that Ubisoft is asking for preorders before releasing any gameplay footage.
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Even though I really enjoyed Odyssey I thought it was really really dumb that they actually make you fight Medusa and the Minotaur as part of the canonical story. Essentially claiming that these mythological creatures were 100% real in AC's version of history.
So the idea of people being angry about them pushing false history by making this guy a samurai when he may not have been have either not played the last few games of are practicing some S tier selective outrage.

That being said, won't be getting this unless I hear really good things about the gameplay and NO microtransactions in sight.
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Originally Posted by Tombcool View Post
I think it’s because Ubisoft developed Naoe as being totally fictional, which is why no one cares.

This altering is comparable to Jada Pinkett Smith making Cleopatra black when she wasn’t.
It's not like Assassin's Creed: Origins' portrayal of Cleopatra was a whole lot more accurate than Netflix's. As much as Ubisoft like to drone on about working with historical consultants, their games have never been historically accurate. And this guy did really exist (even if his portrayal in the game likely won't have much in common with the historical figure). I understand wanting a Japanese male protagonist in the game, that's valid, but let's not try and pretend that this is about historical accuracy.
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Originally Posted by Ellioft View Post
There is a major problem with this game and it's only that you need to have to be online for the installation and for playing.
Originally Posted by Shirley_Manson View Post
Don't they know this only hurts the paying customer and no one else.
People that don't want to buy the game will wait for an infinity if need be.
They've since come out and said that you will only require to be online once when you install the game.

Originally Posted by Tombcool View Post
I guarantee if one of the main characters was white, the internet would still have an issue with it. But then again, there are two important white samurai in Japanese history - see John Henry Shnell and Eugene Collache. Lots of stuff known about them which brings me to my main point…
Not as much as this though. When there's white washing the controversy is way tamer and people ain't that outspoken. People are going wild about this.

The thing with Yasuke is that there is barely anything known about him and Ubisoft is developing him to be some sort of important figure when he wasn’t at all. After the game was announced, even some crazy leftists decided to edit his Wikipedia page to fit their narrative.

Ubisoft should have done their research instead of altering history for the sake of “diversity”. But then again, is it not diverse to include an actual Japanese man instead?
The way I see it, that gives them the perfect opportunity to make him a playable character. I remember reading about someone actually called Ezio Auditore back in the day and it said that suddenly there was nothing more written about him in history, which I thought was really cool how it fit into the AC universe. The same case is here. I also don't think they are making him that important? He's going to join the brotherhood, obviously, which means the same with all the assassin's, that he stops being part of history at that moment. Which fits really well with the real life historical figure.
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Considering what I know of Nobunaga, I expect Yasuke to be either a willing member of the Templar Order (which I doubt considering Ubisoft isn't brave enough,) or he is an unwitting participant in their movement and becomes a turncoat later on (the predictable route; We can't have free thinking minorities who go against "the message" now can we?)

Also considering the "credentials" of the consultant for this game (I swear the entire statement just pretty much screams "Overpaid Fujoshi,") I am surprised that Yasuke isn't Nobunaga's secret lover, considering Nobunaga's love for all thing new and "different." Major opportunity lost there to win some more inclusionary brownie points.

Dialing the sarcasm down a bit, I am disappointed but not surprised at all that Ubisoft decided to take this route with the story. Given the creative liberties taken with the character of the new Prince of Persia game, one should have seen this coming. Remember kids; According to the DEI pushers out there, Asians aren't considered minorties on the oppression totem pole; They are white adjacent.

Now there is the matter of having a White Character Lead in the game Nioh and why there wasn't significant pushback against that game. Well, that's because Nioh's character was based on William Adams; An individual who was recorded to have reached the rank of Hatamoto, compared to Yasuke who was at most a glorified Squire (Kosho) under Nobunaga. Why squires are allowed to wear full Samurai Armor and lead troops into battle, I wouldn't know. But hey... Revisionism is only bad when there are no minorities involved right? Also Yasuke makes an appearence in Nioh as well as a Boss, and considering the purely supernatural Element of Nioh (as compared to Assassin's Creed where Historical Relevancy is part of what makes the game so good,) character interpertations can be... Forgiven.

Putting all this aside, the Assassin's Creed francise died for me ever since Origins, so its no skin off my back. And considering that the basic version of the game starts of at a whopping $70 dollars and over, I am glad I have no interest in it. I am not shelling out that much money for this game when there are better alternatives out there (Ghost of Tsushima.)

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Honestly, it depends on how it will be handled in the narrative. Assassin's Creed always toyed about conspiracy and science fiction. All things documented around Yasuke can be lost, destroyed or rewritten. Or once he's in the Creed, like Xilurm suggested, everything around his life will be kept secretly, but I feel this will be more true to Noae who seems to be the ninja who acts in the shadows.
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First look gameplay trailer

I'm so pumped for this game. Absolutely gorgeous! And Naoe's moves look so goooooood
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Full gameplay reveal

The jungles look so dense, and the graphics are breathtaking.

Also, Naoe will be so fun to play as
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