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Originally Posted by Sir Launcelot View Post
Oooh, they just convicted Hunter Biden:

That'll teach him to buy guns while smoking crack.

I doubt he'll get much punishment. Probation, a fine, MAYBE 30 days in jail on top of it.
It's funny to me how they're scrubbing it from most news cycles so that people stay more enraged and fixated on Trump.
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Originally Posted by Chamayoo View Post
In France too, a decade ago, man bun was associated with hypsters but it seems now to be a little bit more trendy. I see some friends having one and I would not have expected that from them !
I don't really pay attention to trends, if I see a man with a hairstyle that I find attractive, I would try for myself too.

I also want a real beard one day but it seems I'm stuck with a d'Artagnan for maybe the rest of my life. ��
My facial hair has just refused to grow on my cheek for years. It's only in recent years that I have some kind of it (finally ? A ray of hope ?), but veeeeerry slowly. I'm 30 next year so I don't believe things will change that much at this state.
I'm kind of over man buns. I do a bun when I'm working out, or if I want to look super professional or dressed up for a night out, and that's about it.

My go-to is a half ponytail with little viking-y accent braids in it that trap flyaways. If you've ever played Assassins' Creed Odyssey, it's rather similar to Alexios' hair but with a ponytail instead of a bun.

As for the beard, I always used to do that facial hair style before my beard really filled in around my mid 20s. Sometimes I still go back to it now when I want something different. I'm really indecisive with my facial hair style, I think I take out my reluctance to cut my long hair out on my beard, I change that instead because I regret it less.

Then now...
Originally Posted by Tommy123 View Post
I don't like my facial hair at all and its gotten to the point that i have to shave every day cause it grows back to fast.
This applies to me too. To say it's a "problem" for me is an overstatement because with how much I love changing my beard style, it's a good thing for me it grows back so fast. In May just gone, I started with that D'Artagnan vibe discussed above, then I completely shaved a little way into the month, and then by the end of the month I already had a decent little short beard going again.

I get why it's annoying though, I can't keep that crisp sharp line-up on the beard going for longer than a couple days maximum.

Those Mediterranean beard growth genes.

Originally Posted by Quebsenuef View Post

I’m very similar in the sense if I see someone else wear something I find attractive, I’ll give it a try too . I’ve done a lot of different styles just to see if anything really fit my own style. I like trying new things with clothes and fashion. I rarely follow trends, though. I just want to wear things and look good at the same time haha I hope you give the man bun a try! And if you don’t like it, you can always fall back to a little hair cut.
I do follow some trends, but I'm selective with it. I know what I like and don't like and I tend to just add what compliments my already existing wardrobe.

My style is a bit eclectic and all over the place though. I go from like typical Millennial smart-casual elegant to Gen Z baggy streetwear to Mediterranean/bohemian hippie Jesus.

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