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Default Hello everyone! :)

My name is Lena, but i'm not bothered about being referred to by my username I'm 22 years of age and have been a fan of TR ever since I first played it sitting in my grandpa's lap at the age of 3.

More recently, I've acquired a Bachelor of Arts in Classical Archaeology and am currently pursuing a Master of Arts in the same degree. Lara's influence, probably. And yes, having a TR Sticker on your laptop while presenting a serious archaeological issue is just about as funny as you'd think.

Anyway, my PSN is archaeolxgica (You're welcome to add me, just be forewarned that I am an honest to god idiot and have never managed to master multiplayer games ... also, yes, I only have two games. Rise & Shadow). I have two tumblr blogs: one under this username, another @cropht for my gifs and edits. And that's just about all the social media I currently have.

I'm happy to be here & I hope you're all having a wonderful day !
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Smile Welcome!

Welcome to the forums!
Egypt has many secrets and mysteries yet to be discovered ...
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Alex Fly
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Hi and welcome to TRF!
Ask yourself WWLD: What would Lara do? :)
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Hi there! Welcome to TRF! Feel free to take a look around.
TRF: Im so very sorry. Were all out of logic and reason.
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Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness
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Glad to have you! Hope you enjoy your time here
I only play for sic parvis magna.
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Welcome to the forum
"I was called delusional today...I nearly fell of my unicorn."
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