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Default Jungle - Part One (TR3 TRLE Level)


[COLOR="Black"][LEFT]This is my debut TRLE level called "Jungle". Part One is being released first since I figured it would be more fun for people to play this half while I begin creating the second half. It utilizes the Tomb Raider 3 engine with some great help from the tomb3 patch by Troye, and I sought a way to drastically increase the ambiance in TR3's engine despite the limitations that exist through lighting and static meshes. While it's a bit of a short level, (again, part one), I think it'll be a lot of fun to experience what the TR3 engine is capable of when used to its limit, something the PS1 prevented in 1998. You may even notice an in-game recreation of something This level uses nearly every room slot, texture slot, and uses the max amount of moveable objects the engine allows, so needless to say it's stuffed with lots to either do, look at, shoot, or pick up!

I do have a couple of recommendations before starting this level. Please, please, *please* play on Gamma 3, as that's the way I designed the lighting to look best. 2 is too dark, and 4 is too bright. The default 2.5 in the tomb3 patch isn't the way to go either, as it removes much of the color and contrast intent in my design. You can enable gamma by opening the ConfigTool in the game's files under the Misc tab.

Secondly, please be aware that I use diagonal ledges in this level. Of course like every TRLE level before TEN, it doesn't support ledge interaction at a diagonal direction. That being said, it is used around some bodies of water, which have been known to cause issues like Lara getting stuck. Frequent saves are always a good option.

If ambience in a certain area doesn't seem to properly match the area, try saving and loading, it should fix it.

And I believe that's it, I hope you have fun exploring every beautiful and deadly corner there is!


Download here:

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Yay nice I will play it later

you can also upload the level at trcustoms.org
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Looks amazing.

Playing right now.
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This might be, and I am not saying this lightly, one of the most stunning TR experiences I have ever played. Haven't finished it yet, but what I have seen so far, *chef's kiss*.
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Without a question the best jungle level I ever played and certainly the best tr3 level so far. I am surprised it was working because when I made a level for tr3, I added a stupid flag object and limits were screaming

I am dying to play another level...
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The screenshots look really good ! Downloading right now !
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tlr online
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Thumbs up

Those screenshots look amazing.
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I really appreciate all the kind words 😄 Happy to see that people are enjoying it. I'll be updating it soon based on feedback from the release, I think it's a good idea to do so as time goes on just in case something suits it better, especially as a first time level and Part Two has yet to be created and released 😊
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I wanted to play this, but can not get it to run properly.

Setup will not correctly recognise the sound chip and game will have no sound. Setup sometimes recognises some gamepad (HID conformant device - option is grayed out) and sometimes none at all, but in any case none is available in game.

oops, forgot: intel core i3, intel HD620 graphics, Realtek HD Audio (SST), Logitech cordless Rumblepad, windows 11 home. it's an "ideapad" notebook from Lenovo.

This is what setup looks like: (EDIT: sorry for the large picture/edit)

This is how it should/ does look like for other TR3 levels:

Like usual for TR3 games I copied a fully-configured config.txt into the game folder, but this did not change things.

I hope someone has an idea how to solve things.

PS - "Launch Gold" ?
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Hello Calypsys.

I didn't find another way to contact you other than here. I have played your level and it's superb. I don't have more words than the said here.

But I would like to help you. I edited the statistics and could set the number of secrets as 0 ( none ), like it is in the image below.

I let you, the tomb3.dll file where the changes were done!
Good luck!

Veteran of unofficial level editing; Recover Argentina!

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