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Originally Posted by TR1249 View Post
She actually gave a lot of money to Cozumel to rebuild it. But since you're not competent enough to research first before making claims.
Ofc you were being sarcastic, you like Shadow...
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i think its better than rise

just if i was a dev id change her laras face, remove outfit restriction

make the jungle and sea clif levels longer.

longer game, longer hours to play

a little bit better ending with not 1 boss but 3

also graphically it is epic already it just needs that LONGER GAMEPLAY STORY.

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I like SOTTR a lot, the first half of the game (before Paititi) was amazing. But the story looks too stupid and non-logical for me, characters are boring and Lara, let's say, is dissapointing as a person. She doesn't look pretty for me and her split personality doesn't inspire me at all. It seems she doesn't have fun during her adventures, in fact it looks like she doesn't care much about anything but her daddy. On the other hand, the game is totally beautiful, the landcapes are stunning, the tombs are impressive and it's just very fun to be there (and yes, I keep playing it over and over ) The music is so cool!
The game could be perfect for me with these changes:
Badass classic Lara is back
NO tribal outfits.
More survival and exploring, tombs are NOT optional
Usefull skills, crafting is hard and rewarding
Interesting characters (especially Rourke!!!!)
Stop repeting the same "story" for the third time. We need a good story. And please, add some humor, I can't stand the whining anymore.
Again, just an opinion.

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