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Default My new game

Hey all!!!

I was working on a single level game, that as I draw near to the end of the level, I have realized it will be much better as a multi- level game. Perhaps some of you have heard of the first level, as I have spoken of it before.

A rainy night in Venice, is the name of the first level and is almost completed.

The story of the game is Marco Polo received two gems from a Chinese emperor I will name later, and I think the name of the game will be called "The Dragon eyes of (Named later) . The gems were taken from China by Marco Polo and separated, one hidden in Venice, the other in London, which will be the first 2 levels. The final level will be in China where the gems lead to the emperors tomb. That is the plan and I am pretty excited about building something not jungle related.

I will supply pics later in this thread, along with updates on my progress.
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Sounds great, rufierto.
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I really like stories based on historical events. Educational and entertaining! Would be cool if we can learn a bit about Marco Polo and his travels through this game!
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