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Amazing edit!! Bravo!
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There have been 17 reported murders so far in this latest outbreak of 'Monstrum' killings. It would appear to be the work of a single, highly psychotic perpetrator. The name of the latest victim was just released - a professor Werner Von Croy. A female, described as Caucasian, brunette and wearing a ponytail was seen leaving the most recent crime scene. Officers are advised to use extreme caution when apprehending the suspect. At present nothing appears to link any of the individuals involved. There are no survivors of these attacks... so far.

Expelled from heaven the Watchers walked amongst men, and upon the Earth bred a curse, an abomination of shadow. In the darkest recess of every human soul slumbers the shadow of evil. Cast from darkness and formed of night fears, the horror approaches. FALLEN FROM LIGHT. REBORN IN SHADOW. HAUNTED BY MEMORIES. CONFRONTED BY EVIL.
Note: Part of this text was used in a launch trailer, however it is unclear whether or not it would have been used in the game. Hypothetically speaking, it could have been an alternative to the Credits FMV, a part of Chase FMV or an additional one. It is unclear whether or not it would be voiced, much like the trailer there’s a chance it would have appeared on screen for the player to read.


Lara: What's all this about Werner?
Von Croy: Help me Lara. I need you to get something for me or I'm going to be killed.
Lara: Go on.
Von Croy: I'm tracking five Obscura Paintings for a client called Eckhardt. But he's a psychopath.
Lara: Not my problem. You took the commission and now you're out of your depth. Why should I care.
Von Croy: Because I'm being stalked! I daren't go into the streets. People are dying out there!
Lara: Handle it Werner. I had to when you abandoned me in the tombs.
Von Croy: Lara, please. Look, go and see this woman, Carvier. She can help
Lara: Sort out your own mess. I'm going
Von Croy: No, wait!
Lara: Egypt Werner. You walked away and left me.
Von Croy: Get out!
Alternative dialogue
Lara: This had better be real good, dragging me all the way from London. [NOT RECORDED]
Lara: I don't want to be here. You've got five minutes. Convince me I'm not wasting my time. [NOT RECORDED]

NOTE: A small scene of the FMV was cut. It shows Lara kissing Werner. This could've been cut for a number of reasons but it was probably because Core wanted the player to be unsure of Lara's innocence and this somehow made Lara look compassionate toward his death and therefore not guilty of it... just a thought.


According to Peter Connelly this scene would've played before or during the murder scene of Von Croy and judging by the lightning in the background I'd say it's the later. It was removed once they decided not to focus on Lara remembering the shaman.

Von Croy: Give me your hand child
Lara: Werner
Von Croy: Noooooo ! [ screaming ]
Putai: You have unique strengths Lara. Learn to trust them.
Lara: But how will I remember Putai?
Putai: Whenever your need is strong remember the amulet. It will help you to learn.
Lara: But the past still troubles me.
Putai: Have patience. Whatever is useful from the past will come to you as you need it. For now learn what you must from each new situation
Lara: I will learn Putai
Putai: There is a great darkness ahead of you Lara. Remember the amulet. And use your strength wisely. You are ready.
Lara: Where are you Putai?
Putai: Where I have always been. Remember the amulet.
NOTE: If you want to learn information about The Shaman please see Lara of Arabia


Lara escapes the police chasing her and opens a door leading into the courtyard.

Lara arrives at the courtyard (the starting area)

* Red represents deleted content

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(Core should have known that Sony wouldn't accept D-Pad Controls as they were buying the exclusivity so it's Core's only fault that the game has the controls that we find slow today, you can blame Eidos for many things but not the controls)..
all this d-pad exclusivity is news to me since i've never had a ps2, but still it wasn't CORE's job to buy this "exclusivity". remember, eidos owned CORE , they were the guys paying the paychecks every month so if anyone should know about this exclusivity, it should be EIDOS. hell, aren't EIDOS supposed to atleast supervise CORE's work?
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This level went through massive changes like any level in any other game. We shall treat these changes as: Conceptual stage, Alpha stage, Beta stage and Final stage.


Lara hiding from police

This one represents all the levels until Carvier's apartment. Lara starts at the courtyard, chooses one of two routes. One will give her access to a door that will lead inside the hotel. The other will lead her into the streets, walking by the police and finally into the hotel. Lara makes her way up until the roof. She jumps across the rooftops, catches a drainpipe. The drainpipe breaks and Lara falls on the ground. Finally she jumps over a fence and makes her way into Carvier's apartment.

Lara escapes police chasing her and runs down steps to courtyard. A door is open. Lara pushes the door and runs. The door closes behind her and locks (she can't go back). This is the area where the player first takes control of lara. This area allows players to get used to the control system (run, walk, etc)

Lara runs around alleyways. There's a bit of exploring (not much). Lara will run into police and must hide. Lara must evade the police through the use of stealth - hiding behind walls, bins, using fire escapes or something.

Lara must evade police a couple of times. Police can be alerted by cats. After evading the police Lara is forced to enter an apartment block. If Lara gets caught she gets thrown into the back of a police van in cutscene.

Lara escapes from police van in a cutscene and runs into an old disused warehouse

In resume, in the conceptual stage Lara had two routes to choose from. One through the rooftops and another through the streets but either one of them had encounters with the police. If Lara didn't get caught she would enter an apartment block. If Lara got caught, a cutscene would trigger. In this cutscene Lara would be thrown into a police van, she would escape and run into an old warehouse

Note: It looks to me like the cutscene we trigger in the retail version is half of this cutscene!


Lara is wearing sunglasses, a removed feature. You can tell from Lara's outfit that this image represents an early build. There's a cart instead of a bin. The rain seems to be heavier, unlike the one in the final build. The level looks darker and the lights look stronger.

A removed camera view from the window

The first screenshot shows the level without the rain effect and the darkness. A lot of things seem to be missing like the air con unit, the wooden board, the level structure is not as tall as the one we know. In the second screenshot the wooden board seems to be in its place. Notice the heavy rain and the dense fog in the third screenshot, both missing from the final build

Notice the third screenshot. Unless Lara had an animation to open double doors, it seems like the house on the right was just for window dressing at that point in development. Check out the sixth screenshot. The door to the courtyard in the streets route looks different there

To sum it up, the alpha stage seems to have transported the idea of two routes. Yes some things are still missing, there doesn't seem to be any enemies around, the strength upgrade wasn't implemented yet but the heavy rain, the bright lights and the dense fog look amazing and would have been a welcome addition had they made it into the final stage.


This first image is remniscent of the final build, only there is an air con unit instead of a ladder and an old structure blocking access to where coins should be. Notice the air con unit again in the second image. No wonder they made the structure higher in the final stage, it looks to me like Lara could have jumped from the air con unit and catch the ledge near the drainpipe. A perfect shortcut. In the third image we see the courtyard before Derelict Apartment Block. Notice there is a roof structure to the left. Also the level doesn't trigger a cutscene from where Lara is standing.

In the fourth screenshot we get a perfect look at the courtyard in its Beta Stage. The roof structure is still there, there is a tree, some lights and objects but still no ladder. My guess is this roof structure was removed because Lara could get down safely without ever having to shimmy over to the walkway, maybe that's why. In the fifth screenshot you can see there isn't a door that prevent Lara from going into the 2nd route.

In the first screenshot the police car seems to be placed far back this time and there's a police man standing by as well. In the second screen the car is placed in a different place or it's the same place only there was no castle wall at the time. The road is still blocked but Lara seems to be coming from an alleyway or a dead end. In the third screenshot Lara is being spotted by the same police man, only she's a bit distanced from the police car. The road seems to end where the walkway begins unlike in the final build. This part right here may be the part where the castle wall stands today.

00:00 - Lara examines a deleted item called "Top Part Of Fax". The address in the paper is curious because it's the name of a street in the same level suggesting Carvier lives in Derelict Apartment Block. This however could be just a mistake on the developers part. It is clear from the conceptual stage that Margot lives/can be found in the level we all know about.
00:03 - Notice that Lara's footspeed was much faster in the beta stage. Also the level is dark although it must just be the camera quality and the lights are still strong just like in the Alpha stage
00:24 - The door that blocks the passage to the streets route in the Final Stage is not present in the Beta Stage.
00:38 - The staircase is longer and straight. Instead of a small house blocking the way, there seems to be a dead end, some garbage bins and the Drug Dealer from Parisian Ghetto. It's obvious he's only here for showcasing the conversation system seeing as this is just a demo and also because he talks about Bouchard. Lara would need Von Croy's notebook to know about him
1:31 - Lara ducks behind the door to avoid the policeman's flashlight. Another idea from the Conceptual Stage. This policeman cannot be found in the Final Stage
1:41 - The player goes out of cover too soon, the policeman breaks in and arrests Lara. A different game over screen is shown.

00:24 - There is a box instead of an air con unit
00:26 - The door to the medipack is open

1:29 - There seems to be a passage between the building that leads into a street. This passage is not present in the Final Stage. A policeman finds her and arrests her. The only passage left in the game is through the gate that requires a key. It's not that you could go either way because obviously Lara gets caught by the policeman if she decides to go that way, it's just a trap for the player.
1:41 - if you look around you will notice the road sign. It's the same area as the third picture above the videos.
2:!4 - There is a bit of a structure where the antique coins should be. Also the canopy after the jump is placed lower.
2:38 - There was no fence preventing Lara from going up. Obviously the grip bar hadn't been implemented yet.
3:19 - No door here yet
3:30 - This game over screen might've worked out for Lara's arrest but obviously not for Lara's deaths hence why they removed it
3:37 - Lara jumps into the roof structure to get down safely instead of using a ladder.
3:51 - The courtyard door is missing
4:05 - There seems to be a weird structure in the middle of the road
4:!5 - The police car is placed way back. Remember that passage that led to a policeman? If Lara turned to her right she would have seen the police vehicle.

Lara's Dialogue
I need a place to hide - quick! [NOT RECORDED]

Note: When the police is coming Lara's way she might've said this to alert the player to find a place hide. Possibly a bin.

I can hide in here. [NOT RECORDED]

Note: Lara is referring to one of the 3 bins in this level.

I can lay low in here. [NOT RECORDED]

Note: There's only one place where this goes. The locked door at the beginning where the policeman uses his flashlight from the other side.

That crowbar will come in handy [NOT RECORDED]

Note: This could be about the crowbar in the streets route

This rain is freezing. [NOT RECORDED]
I could catch my death in this rain. [NOT RECORDED]

Note: I remember there was rain in this particular level
In resume, the beta stage looks a lot more like the Final Stage except that it still provided access to the streets route. There were more policeman in the streets and there was even another passage into the road.

* Red represents removed content

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Originally Posted by SLAYER View Post
all this d-pad exclusivity is news to me since i've never had a ps2, but still it wasn't CORE's job to buy this "exclusivity". remember, eidos owned CORE , they were the guys paying the paychecks every month so if anyone should know about this exclusivity, it should be EIDOS. hell, aren't EIDOS supposed to atleast supervise CORE's work?
Sony would have knocked back the game whether it had been exclusive or not, for years Core Design had failed to take full advantage of the by that time very old analog controller for the PS1. For a new generation console yes they should have known ignoring an essential part of the PS2 controller was going to get them a fail with Sony. Eidos trusted Core to know what they were doing at that point so they were probably not keeping as close an eye on them as they should have. Even so all they would look at was the work completed, not the controls used for the game, that is the developers job. Sony it seems refused to approve the game numerous times, but not until the game was submitted does it seem Core realised the controls were too outdated for the PS2. All who had played the game with the old controls had nothing but praise for the responsiveness and ease of using them. If the PS2 game could have been released with the old D-Pad controls there would not have been all the bugs and control problems, and possibly not as many cuts made to the game.
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Great entries so far! It's very interesting and I'm looking forward to more
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Wow KIKO, I'm seeing stuff I've never seen in-game before! Very cool!
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I'm enjoying your entries, Kiko . It makes me smile thinking about what could have been, but the same time I feel myself getting angry. *sigh*
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oh my god. i didnt know any of this AOD Stuff

Nice Work KIKO
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