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tlr online
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Thumbs up from me.
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Thank you again, Justun. I appreciate the support.
"Who we are is not what we wear, or what sparkles. It's our spirit that defines us."
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Tomb Raider
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Great poem Rai such a pleasure to listen to .

Also, Iím just gonna throw this out there but Rai for the next voice of Lara.
Be Careful Who You Trust; The Devil Was Once An Angel.
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I guess these poems come from your heart. I mean a heartbreak is never easy and it sounds like you were honestly hurt. Well, writing poems is such a nice way of getting rid of old shadows from the past, isn't it?

I would like to read some more, but I'd rather see you improving during that. I mean in your love life and heartbreak.

Ever written a song before?

Best wishes, Maggie
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