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As already been said, the goal is to make everything customizable as much as possible so everyone can make a different style.
However, specifically about the camera controls I'm not sure it's the builder that should decide, but rather the player. First, understand that the current implementation is just a free camera, but it changes nothing to the controls: Lara does not follow it like she does in TRL+, it is completely independent. It's still tank controls. You can see that more as an extension of the look camera, which does not affect the gameplay at all, so I think it should be up to the player to decide if they want that or not, not the builder. That's what I think at least.
However, if camera relative controls were to be implemented, it might require some alternatives, maybe new animations (like running sideways, or backwards) to make it play nicely, or it might feel half-baked. And something would definitely be needed for hopping backwards to be able to make nice jumps, as camera-relative controls don't allow for such a move natively (by definition, going back would make Lara turn around, unlike tank controls - an extra key to hold might be a solution). So this, on the other hand, is definitely something that should be optional for the builder.

Originally Posted by dcw123 View Post
Very very nice.
Didn't the original alpha of TR1 have this style of camera?? Maybe I'm remembering it wrong. (the one with the glasses and ponytail physics)
Yes, but I don't think it was ever intended for something else than debugging. There were just not options on the controller to allow for such a thing.
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I know itís not priority but it would be really cool to see camera relative controls implanted after all these years. Iím sure a lot are curious how it would look in these old games.
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omg the ammount of new possibilities... god bless you guys
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I think I almost had a heart attack seeing how much is being improved upon! Really, it's very awesome work from everyone! It's exciting to see things working out so well!

If I may ask, are there any improvements in progress so far that may make working with Lara's joints any less troublesome? I'm sure it's something more pertinent for later, but I figured I'd ask. Those darn joints are a constant bane of my existence.
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^ Not that I'm aware of, for now.

I'm not the most competent person to ask (as that would be Monty ), but currently the project is going through a "refactoring" phase, where we prepare the engine for supporting a new level format with most technical limations of legacy TR formats lifted. The new format will allow to store more complex data, use types with higher range/precision (e.g. extending integers to floating points). On top of that, it will be more digestible for the engine, less cryptic and less reliant on old Core hacks and tricks. But many internal workings of engine will need to be revisioned to support the new file format. That is where most energy is focused at the current stage of the project. For more details on this you'll have to wait for Monty, though

Other, more surface level changes are done on seperate branches to avoid interference with refactoring process. But after some progress with new format is made, stuff like dealing with Lara's problematic joints will be looked at.

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