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Default Script Build Error

Suddenly I can no longer compile the script with the TIDE. A small window with a red X appears for a short moment but I don't see any error messages. Windows makes "ping" opens the error window and that's it. After that I can only exit and restart TIDE with the Task Manager. It's not the script, as other projects don't work either. I also completely uninstalled and reinstalled the TE and its tools, (PC also restarted) the error is the same. Everything works, but I can't click on "Build Script". Anyone have an idea?


after I've uninstalled TRNG myself / NG Center etc AND TE and reinstalled TE, it works. they got in each other's way.
Greetings, :-) l.m. :-)

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You're not using the NG Center hidden in the TIDE folder are you?
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