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It really gives it that retro look.

I just bought a Anbernic portable game console which uses emulators.. it can run PSX games (though not amazingly well)

I have all the TRs on there and they run as they would on an original PS1.
They obviously used this older ps1 version because every game has this colour banding.
In dark areas with heavy shadow (like TR2) it becomes almost unplayable without flares
TR1 looks the best out of the five games in this format.. Later TRs look awful since it muddies up textures when shadow is involved.
Still.. having a PSX the size of a mobile phone with actual buttons attached is awesome!
(I am aware phones emulate best, but I wanted actual controls instead of touchpad)
I did try using an external pad but it messed the D-Pad up meaning Lara would refuse to turn or would turn too much. The main menu ring would also move twice instead of just once per tap which was a pain

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