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Default Turfster's Grave Robber working links?

Looking for this old tool to extract levels and objects from TR Legend.
I have the other programs but this vital one is dead everywhere I look - even his site is down.

I'm guessing it's too much to hope someone here has a copy of it to upload?

And yes, I didn't wanna make a new thread and I know how to use the search function hehe
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This is when lifesaver [Xmas] comes into the game and saves the day.

Luckily, I still got that tool on my PC. I had no idea all the links are dead I better backup all the TR tools I have in that case, as I use them quite a lot. Let me know if I screwed up and left out something important... But I think GraveRobber consists only of the executable.

Also, I'm a complete flop when it comes to file hosting sites, so if you'd like a better one, feel free to tell me.


Click #2.

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I could kiss you hehe - thanks a million
Yeah I couldn't believe it - though hard to believe that was 5 years ago!

I really think the community as a whole would love that - AFAIK its only the Graverobber link thats dead - the other tools are okay
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Hey, sorry for digging this old thread back up, but is there any chance you could post new links? I can't access the downloads on either of those links. Thanks in advance!
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Welcome to the Forum

Humble words by The Great Chi
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