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Default My Options for Downloading/Running a Level Editor

Hello! Just signed up for this site and was hoping I could get some help from fellow tomb raiders on the site regarding the Level Editor

First things first (which may just cancel out everything else) I have a Mac with the latest OS El Capitan. I know this can't play the TRLE (or the NGLE - which i never have explored) but, can't run it because its too new and updated.

My next thought was to run a windows virtual machine and download via that, and it worked for a good hour, and bummed out on me, wouldn't open, or unlock. so I gave up on that idea. However, the windows machine may have also been too upgraded as it was 10.

I guess what I'm trying to figure out is what my options are. I really would love to explore more of the Tomb Raider Level Editor and begin building my own levels. I've already watched a few of the tutorials and I find it pretty easy to understand, but technology seems to be against that lol Does anyone on here have any ideas or ways around this? I'd appreciate any help! Thanks.
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Realistically, your only options are to get the virtual machine to work again or dual boot into Windows. I don't know if this is the same thing on a Mac these days? Either scenario should let you use TRLE on your Mac computer.

Unless you're interested in buying a cheap, used PC specifically to run the editor.
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