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Ascension mixed with TR2013. *sob*

My ideal TR moving forward would be:

A reboot continuation, with a Lara staying true to her word at the end of Shadow and taking herself less seriously. A more stylish approach to appearance, visually and physically (as in, animations).

A moveset akin to Underworld’s that retains the grappling mechanics of Shadow. Rappelling was a lot of fun.

Optional crypts and puzzles. I think they’re a natural evolution of the classic secrets, which would sometimes have entire areas of a level be exclusive to uncovering them. The main path just needs to balance itself with sufficient tombs so the bulk of that gameplay isn’t optional.

The adventure being tomb and atmosphere focused. More ruins and temples, less urban and modern (yes, the classics did this too).

Brian D’Oliveria as composer.

Training wheels off. No white paint, survival instincts or hints from Lara.

If sidequests return, they should all serve towards making you feel like a tomb raider. I don’t want to see any drones or animal hunting.

More fantastical elements. Please put down the “truth behind myth” theme they started with Legend.

Creative traps. See the ones in the Serpent’s Heart and The Path Home.

Manageable inventory and item inspection akin to the Resident Evil 2 remake. At the very least, I’d like to combine items again, but being able to inspect and “solve” items you pick up feels very TR.

No more crafting, skill systems or weapon upgrading. New abilities/equipment unlocked by beating tombs or progressing in the story are welcome though.

Stronger side characters.

Lastly, Croft Manor. It’s a great way to show Lara’s personality and the continuity between her adventures, as well as being good fun.
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^ 100% this.

I don’t, however, mind a little crafting or skill systems, so long as it’s on a much smaller scale and it doesn’t rob you of abilities that should probably be available from the start.
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- New animations
- Decent outfits
- Dual Pistols
- Sam, Jonah and Reyes brought back, especially Sam since she makes the most sense out of them all.
- Main path traps like The Serpent's Heart
- Egypt/Desert environment
- Globetrotting
- Less serious Lara
- Vehicles!
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Dual Pistols
Complex Level Design
Keys and Levers
Trap Rooms
No Magnetic Jumps
No melodramatic Lara
No parents except perhaps in a picture or a document at Croft Manor
A light hearted story
A great villain like the ones we had from TR1-TRU
Croft Manor
References to the entire series
Globe Trotting
Old Characters get a cameo
Bring Back the Dual Pistols

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