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Craig Michaels
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Default Any other archaeologists?

I just started teaching archaeology at San Francisco State University while I finish my PhD. I used Tomb Raider 1 (thanks to OpenLara!) to launch the first day of my intro course. I wanted students to laugh and to get engaged, but also get discussion rolling about what Lara is doing wrong (not recording her work, not asking locals for permission, killing endangered wildlife . . .) and, through that, what archaeology really is as a study of people in the past through material.

Are there are any other archaeologists, or current archaeology students on the forums? Iíve seen a few posts from years ago from students or from people thinking about majoring in archaeology, but is anyone here now?
Archaeology lecturer at San Francisco State
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Last semester my school offered an archaeology course for the first time. My advisor actually suggested I take it just for filter credits (I'm finishing up my bachelors in environmental science and biology). I thought why not, since Lara was an "archaeologist" anyway. My professor turned out to be great! I quickly learned though that Lara really is doing it all wrong haha. To this day that prof. and I talk occasionally; the other day I was teaching him about squirrel dreys! He also offered to be a reference for anything in my future job searching, which is wonderful. I am very thankful to have taken that class and to have learned the basics of archaeology, even if it doesn't directly related to my major.
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