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I Remember once upon a time there used to be a myth floating around that you could find the Dagger of Xian in Tomb Raider the angel of darkness. 1 or 2 people claimed they pushed a wall in the Aquatic Research Area and behind it they found an HD Dagger of Xian. This however has been proven false since there is no actual hidden room anywhere in the level and in the games files there is no such as a Dagger of Xian. Back then when this rumor was new and nobody knew for certain if it was true or not I remember searching so much for it! Good times.
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Originally Posted by _Seth View Post
Classic Lara was an invincible, one-liner dropping ice queen bitch who always gracefully landed on her feet.

If you go back and watch a cutscene compilation of classic TR, you'll see this bizarre notion is fully untrue. She was actually clumsy, short sighted, reckless and infrequently landed a gymnastics pose. See: How often she has her weapons taken away after being captured, haphazardly crashing the Area 51 compound fence on a quad bike, her stumblingly slipping aboard Natla's boat the first time after Sanctuary of the Scion, and then loosing balance the exact same way after climbing aboard again after The Great Pyramid.

Lara entered one-liner territory with TR3 only, other than that, as much as being a woman of few words, she was quite normal. She was never rude to those that didn't threaten her, and even in TR3 where she's dubbed the most psycho killer, she selflessly offers to get the wounded Australian out of the South Pacific village. In TR4 she helps Azizas, a wounded mercenary, and in TR5 even tries to help a bribe-taking U-boat commander.
While it didn't occur to me now, Classic Lara is a bit like Sonic-Adventure Sonic.

They quip, but its not their single character trait and in a few of their better games story-wise at least (Sonic Adventure 1/2 and Last Revelation/AOD) they tend to drop the quips a bit when things get serious rather than being a one-note quip dropping machine.
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In TR4...
In TR4 Jean Yves hugged Lara
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Originally Posted by TR-Freak View Post
In TR4 Jean Yves hugged Lara
Do you mean it didn’t happen? idu xD
I’ll stan Chronicles, AoD and Anniversary forever! <3
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I've just thought of another myth:

The reboot trilogy has magnetic grabbing.

Apart from a very few scripted sequences, it literally like... doesn't. You have to hold forward to steer her "into" a ledge for her to grab it. In the reboot games if you have an indented alcove a few steps forward just above your head and you've got Lara's left ear to it to run past it, running and jumping would not result in the engine determining she will grab it - you have to steer her towards it. You can even pull back or away.
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