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Originally Posted by Grimaldi View Post
As a fan of AoD, I think you'd like it. It's a bit cringey and unintentionally hilarious now, but worth watching.

God, I'm still so disappointed with the way AOD turned out. I really love the overall vibe of its story, concepts, and soundtrack. I wouldn't classify the game as dark and gritty in the sense that Reboot is, I'd rather call it sombre, suspenseful, and kind of macabre. It's a shame AOD was pushed to release in such an unfinished state. -_-
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Originally Posted by biscuits View Post
It'd be nice if it wasn't a villain but rather a rival treasure hunter.
This would be an interesting twist.

Originally Posted by Melonie Tomb Raider View Post
It could work in a way, but there needs to be some sort of adversary, so maybe instead of another person vying for the artifact she could just royally piss off another god who doesn't want their artifact taken and then she'll have to kill them so they don't destroy the world
Needs some sort of adversary for sure that doesn’t want the artifacts taken.
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Originally Posted by Melonie Tomb Raider View Post
Yup, this

My only fear is that they would make the villain more Lara-like than Lara herself, and it would make us miss Lara even more.
I am worried about that too, but maybe, this idea might be the very thing that the writers could use, to push reboot Lara's direction and personality, closer to her spiritual predecessors in the pre rebooted eras. Also, the idea of a badass and funny rival/antagonist/villain who reminds us of the old Lara might help her embrace the things that she never introspectively examined in herself till then. In fact, it could very well, be the catalyst to Lara's transformation from a gritty and demure protagonist to a vivacious and sardonic character, enjoying the occassional risky and abrasive behaviors of her adventurous lifestyle, with all its woes and wonders.

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