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Originally Posted by Maverin View Post
First of all. The discussion above is pretty pointless as neither of you work in the gaming industry and actually know how development works. I don't either. You're just speculating and spewing random 'facts' around based on some light to read articles, which aren't a reliable source either. I personally tend to believe that it would be possible to make Shadow for the PS3 or xbox360. Games such as JAKII ran on the ps2 while rendering huge hubs.
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and btw, JAKII was less graphically and cpu intensive than the Blender splash screen.
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Originally Posted by klona View Post
I really don't see the point in wasting resources to make an inferior version of a game. It's just a total waste of money that could've gone into making an actually good game. I'm sure Rise suffered because of that.

But hypothetically, if that didn't affect the game's development cycle, making a version of the game for an old gen console would come with really big compromises to make the game playable on old gen consoles.

Devs would have to balance between making graphics look like stone age and removing like 70% of NPCs (e.g. big hubs like Paititi). It's the big hubs with very large draw distance that are the problem. We're only gonna see them get bigger and more complex.

Like if SOTTR was available on old gen, it would be a shadow of its original form.
it would be a SHADOW, get it? =)))))))))
It wouldn't be wasting resources if a down port was made only 1 or 1.5 years into the PS5's life, because the return of that investment would undoubtedly result in a profit. I doubt Rise suffered when it's 360 port was so well optimised it looks like it was built with that generation in mind, and since the current gen version is graphically and technologically as strong as Shadow, you should back that statement up.

The technical leap from PS4 to PS5 will no doubt be smaller than the leap from PS3 to PS4, so if Rise could handle being such a good down port, then there is literally no reason for you to think the next TR being cross gen would be detrimental to the PS4 version.

PS4 doesn't have graphics like the stone age; you're just being intellectually dishonest.
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