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Default TRNG - Updates

This is the place to come to read about all the TRNG updates.
Look for the regular download site to get the latest updates:

The old update texts (before TRNG as I am posting them here are the exact quotes taken from the Skribblerz forum. The text is also always present at Paolone's site, whenever a new update is released - or, if it is not present there, you can get it amongst the files of the updater.

An older basic TRNG pack (with trngdll - copy the files into your TRLE folder, removing the TRLE editor, game exe, converter there:*

TRNG pack old

A newer basic TRNG pack (with trngdll - copy the files into your TRLE folder, removing the TRLE editor, game exe, converter there:*

TRNG pack new

Basic NG Center pack (with NG Scripter - copy the folder on your computer:*

NG Center pack

*: You don't need to copy these files if your TRNG version is or bigger. In those cases use the installer instead. (Links for the installers are added in the posts below. The latest installer is also available in the regular download sites.)

If you have an old update file (trngdll, NG Scripter, updater or Mk installer, perhaps put in your gamepack sent to trle.net in the old times) or description which is not available here, then please send us, and we will add in this thread.

Updates uploaded only for beta tests of test teams are not included!


1. The tutorial projects mentioned in the descriptions below are not linked here, because they can also be found in the regular download site. (The file name is perhaps different than the name mentioned in the descriptions, though.)

2. These files are probably before the TRNG era (in spite of the name of "trngdll"), so these are NGLE without TRNG, probably useable for TREP:

If it walks like a duck and if it quacks like a duck, it is a duck.

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Copy the trngdll files into the TRLE folder, overwriting the old version of the file there.
Copy the NG Scripter files into the NG Center folder, overwriting the old version of the file there.

Older updates before
3 March 2008 are unknown, perhaps they don't exist.

trngdll & NG Scripter
(Released 3 March 2008)
  • Changes to the NG Scripter are with the help for script commands. The script command Animation= has changed and now has an additional two fields.
trngdll, NG Scripter not available any more.

trngdll & NG Scripter
(Released 18 March 2008)
  • Bug affecting pushable objects being used with raising blocks fixed. Pushables now raise and lower in real time with raising blocks.
  • Script command Equipment= added to set the amount of items at the start of each level.
  • Script command PreserveInventory= ENABLED/DISABLED added so you can use ResetHUB and still keep pickup items.
  • Script command TextureSequence= added so you can set an animation P-Range frame by frame up to 1000 frames in any desired sequential order.
  • Script command Enhanced Animation= added with many new Environment conditions (tutorial to follow).
  • Flipeffect added which disarms Lara completely.
trngdll, NG Scripter not available any more.

trngdll & NG Scripter
(Released 27 March 2008)
  • Bug in river animations ranges fixed.
  • Holster bug fixed.
  • A new menu item has been added to the NGLE Textures menu. This new feature allows you to replace all identical textures in your level at the same time with another texture in a different position in your TGA set.
  • Flipeffects and actions to handle advanced swap meshes for Lara and enemies added. This means it's now possible to swap Lara's joints, hair and screaming head with a single flipeffect or animcommand.
  • The number of slots that store alternative Lara or enemy layouts has been increased from 3 slots to 70. An inherent bug that forced Lara to return to an original mesh after a swap has been fixed. Now Lara and baddies will be saved and restored with all mesh changes to and from savegames.
  • A new animcommand has been added to flipeffects which performs single swap meshes for Lara's hands (with weapons or without), holsters and weapons on her back for use in cutscenes.
trngdll, NG Scripter not available any more.

(Released 2 April 2008)
  • Bug in river animation ranges has been fixed.
trngdll not available any more.

This scripter cannot be identified well. The last save of it is 7 April 2008, but its ID number (, i.e 6) is less than the ID (, i.e 14) of the previous (27 March 2008) update:

NG Scripter

(Released 8 April 2008)
  • New features for rolling balls. Rolling balls can now kill baddies and shatter objects. New physics have been added to add realism to rolling balls splashing into water. Rolling balls can now be pushed simply by adding OCB numbers (see new OCB list for details).
  • Bug affecting pushable objects and trapdoors has been fixed. Pushables will now fall when trapdoors open.
  • Bug where wraiths did not inflict harm on Lara has been fixed.
  • Bug where the NGLE crashed loading very old projects has been fixed.
trngdll not available any more.

(Released 17 April 2008)
  • Bug fixed for animcommands set in objects other than Lara.
trngdll not available any more.

trngdll & NG Scripter
(Released 19 April 2008)
  • Bug fixed in animcommands (exported triggers) where moveables placed differently by Lara caused a crash.
  • An animcommand has been added to change facings of moveables (to use together with real SetPosition command when lara rotates of 90 or 180 degrees).
  • Warning: syntax of MultEnvCondition script command has changed. Now there is a third field to host the EXTRA field, one for each ENV condtion.
  • Scripter: information added to MNEMONIC CONSTANTS list. In previous versions you could get descriptions of constants only in NEW SCRIPT commands sections, while now you can find descriptions of some constants just by clicking on it in the list.
  • Scripter: now you can select with precision the text of constants or script command names just by keeping down the CTRL key while you perform a single mouse click.
  • Scripter: a new script command has been added named TriggerGroup. This hosts two or more triggers or condition triggers exported by the NGLE with new button of Trigger Window named "Export Script Trigger".
    With TriggerGroup you can create complex conditional triggers to perform one trigger or another according to the response of one or more conditions.
  • Pushables have had added an OCB that features the ability to push a pushable into a void (ocb = 32).
  • Warning: This change has meant a change of syntax of OCB values for pushable objects. Now you have to always add the value 64 if you want to use some new NG features. Heights are computed 1 unit = 1 click. (One sector = 4 units/clicks). This change has been necessary to avoid conflicts with Planet Effects puzzle, where the (common) pushables require different ocb values according to with Planet Effects ocb values.
  • NGLE: the requesting of tga files when missing (after moving a project file from another folder) is now performed in advance to avoid problems when loading projects.
  • NGLE: fixed bug in Trigger window, where it was difficult to select an object to trigger some effects like "Camera", "Sink" or "Flyby Camera".
  • Bug fixed with some SWITCH TYPE objects, where Lara went into tilt when engaging the switch.
  • Bug fixed with Rollingball ocb 4 and 8. In previous versions the rolling ball lost alignment with sector grid after some pushing, preventing further pushing.
  • Bug fixed with Rollingball ocb 4 and 8. In previous versions it was possible to push a rollingball into a sector where there was already another rollingball or moveables.
  • Fixed bug in title or flyby sequence when player press the key "1" to select weapon guns, or other numeric keys for other weapons.
  • Added condition trigger to test amount of picked secrets.
  • Added condition trigger to test last number typed in KeyPad.
  • Added action trigger which hurts enemies by removing vitality points.
  • Added pushable to Animating objects you can move with action trigger "move animating..."
  • Added action trigger to move immediately some moveables to other positions (teleport).
  • Added script command GlobalTrigger which is used to perform some action when a global event happens. Currently there are global triggers for: Timer screen, selected item in inventory and killed enemy.
  • Added flipeffect to enable/disable infinite air for underwater Lara.
  • Added flipeffect to swap mesh, to handle two or many custom skins for Lara with correct set and restore.
  • Added flipeffect to show/hide holsters (used with swap mesh for holsterfree Lara skin).
  • Added flipeffect to disable the use of weapons without removing weapons (to use with swap mesh for holsterfree Lara skin).
trngdll, NG Scripter not available any more.

trngdll & NG Scripter
(Released 29 April 2008)

NG Scripter
  • Fixed bug using medipacks with shortcut 9 or 0 keys when there was a single big medipack.
  • Fixed bug about sounds for boats (using wad file v130).
  • Added extra slot for moveable. Now new objects like boats will not create trouble with sound effects (supporting new version of WADmerger with wad version number 130.) This is still being worked on by Paolone and Michiel but should be available shortly.
  • Added autodetection for widescreen monitors and compensation for screen ratio.
  • Warning: syntax changed for GlobalTrigger command. One field has been added at start to store the IdGlobalTrigger value, to recognize the globaltrigger command from others. See new syntax in "New Script commands" of Reference panel of NG Center program.
  • Added flipeffect to enable/disable global triggers.
  • Added new trigger condition for status lara: invulnerable, infinite air, transparent.
  • Fixed bug in NGLE. In trigger window when changing a value in "Timer Parameter <&>" list, the (further) selection in "(E)xtra field" was reset to first value of list.
  • Added condion trigger to detect collision between Lara and some moveables, slots or creature types.
  • Added flipeffect to recharge Lara for air, damage and cold water.
  • Added flipeffect to poison Lara or remove the poison.
  • Added flipeffects to modify type of rooms in game. These flipeffects are very useful to enable/disable dynamics in game like Rain, Snow, Damage rooms, Cold Water rooms and Quick Sands rooms.
  • Added flipeffect to modify intensity of rain and snow rooms.
  • Fixed bug in NGLE of previous versione about CAMERA and FLYBY cameras.
  • Fixed bug in NGLE about message "Cann't overlap special triggers" shown also for camera with timer values.
trngdll not available any more.

trngdll & NG Scripter
(Released 8 May 2008)

NG Scripter
  • Fixed bug in NGLE/TRNG when a trigger for a CAMERA or FLYBY was used in the same sector with an ACTION trigger causing camera problems.
  • Added flipeffect to perform a TriggerGroup from script.dat.
  • Added Action triggers to activate objects, cameras, sinks, flipmaps etc. These action or flipeffect triggers work like a duplicate of common triggers CAMERA, OBJECT etc, but their target is to be exported as animcommands or script triggers, while the standard trigger can't be exported.
  • Added new flipeffect so that a fixed camera will follow Lara on some axis or from above (see new camera project or YouTube video for more information).
  • Added new flipeffect to handle special camera effects: matrix, portrait, enemy camera (see new camera project or YouTube video for more information).
  • Extended the number of flipmaps from 10 to 32.
    Warning: owing to changes in the internal format of savegames, from this version of the new game engine onwards old savegames will not function. This is necessary to support the change for 10 flipmaps to 32 flipmaps, since in standard tomb4 only the first 10 flipmaps (from 0 to 9) were saved to and restored from savegames.
  • Added Organizer script command. With organizer command you can schedule the activating of triggers at specific times. The new game engine will handle up to 100 events with different timings of up to 18 hours.
trngdll, YouTube video: not available any more.

trngdll & NG Scripter
(Released 10 May 2008)
  • Fixed bug: when setting a value 1024 in a pushable object to deny north-south direction the pushable was not moveable in any direction.
  • Fixed bug: when lara pushed a pushable object over a ledge with an OCB 32 but with no click height set in OCB field, the pushable remained suspended in the air without falling.
  • Fixed bug: in previous version the game crashed attempting to save the game.
  • Fixed bug: the global trigger GT_USED_INVENTORY_ITEM was enabled for each key, puzzle item or quest item selected in inventory indifferently by the slot kind typed in Parameter field of GlobalTrigger command.
  • Added customize setting for CUST_ROLLINGBALL_PUSHING. Using some rolling balls the effect when Lara pushes a rolling ball (ocb 4 or 8) was not good . To solve this problem you can now use CUST_ROLLINGBALL_PUSHING to change many settings about the animations of pushing to adapt them to a better way of rolling balls.
trngdll, NG Scripter not available any more.

trngdll & NG Scripter
(Released 12 May 2008)

trngdll, NG Scripter
  • Fixed bug for young Lara pigtail joints stretching in mirror rooms.
  • Added to Animation command the FAN flag FAN_START_FROM_EXTRA_FRAME. You can use this flag when you want to start an animation from other than the first frame (0). The number of frame should be typed in the Extra field of Animation command.
  • Warning: the FAN_WHEN_ ... flags of animation command, have been (ALL) renamed as ENV_ conditions and moved into ENV_ Condition field. This change has been necessary to have space for other FAN flags and also for logical reasons: the FAN_WHEN flags were conditions and the field for conditions is the ENV_ Condition field. If you used some FAN_WHEN_... value, you can correct your Animation command removing the FAN_WHEN flag from FAN field, and using the corresponding new ENV_... condition in ENV field or in some MultEnvCondition= script command.
    For example the old flag FAN_WHEN_IS_STILL now has been moved to ENV field with name ENV_IS_STILL, while the old flag FAN_WHEN_FREE_HANDS becomes the ENV_FREE_HANDS flag in ENV Condition field etc.
  • Added new condition for Lara vitality equal than/less than/higher than.
  • Added new condition for current Lara animation.
  • Added new condition for current Lara state-id.
trngdll & NG Scripter
(Released 22 May 2008)

trngdll, NG Scripter
  • Added support for CD audio sounds in mp3, ogg and wav format, using bass.dll.
    Now you can have two channels for music, one in the background and one channel with foreground sound. Included is a sweet fadeout for audios.
    Warning: please do not place any bass.dll file in trle folder. TRNG uses a built in bass.dll library and it will be extracted in runtime. If you place a wrong version of bass.dll in trle folder this self extraction could fail.
  • Added script command NewSoundEngine= to enable/disable the use of new sound engine bass.dll.
  • Added script command SoundSettings= to force the quality for music and the volume level for music and sound effects.
  • Added customize option CUST_NEW_SOUND_ENGINE, to set features for new sound engine, like fadeout times and default extension for audio files.
  • Added script command ImportFile to store in script.dat file any file you wish to have in target trle folder when your level will be played, or to be loaded directly in RAM memory.
  • Added many new flipeffects to play/stop/modify the audio tracks on first or second channel.
  • Added flipeffects to play sounds imported in memory (with ImportFile script command) in any audio formats (.mp3 .mp2 .mp1 .ogg .wav .aiff).
  • Fixed bug: During pushing of rollingball there was a bug in last version ( where the rollingball moved diagonally instead to following the correct push direction.
(Released 26 May 2008)

  • Fixed bug in NGLE. When you export CONDITION trigger with [Export Script Trigger] button in Trigger window, the further (E) extra value of condition trigger was lost (not exported).
  • Fixed bug in TriggerGroup command. When you used a condition with ELSE the performed trigger was not correct in accordance with condition.
  • Added self correction when you set as default extension for sound the .mp3 extension but .mp3 file is missing. In this case TRNG will try to find same number of track in .wav format. This behavior corrects further problems when a level with .mp3 files has been installed with Level Manager, since Level Manager will convert .mp3 files to .wav format. Note: to avoid mp3 conversion in Level Manager you can import your .mp3 files in script.dat using ImportFile= in IMPORT_TEMPORARY mode.
  • Added ENV condition ENV_WALL_HOLE_IN_FRONT to test if there is a wall with a hole in wall in front of Lara with specific height from floor and with a specific height of hole.
  • Fixed bug for vertical triggers. The vertical trigger did not work correctly.
  • Fixed bug for CONDITION trigger. The condition, when it was true, was disabled until Lara was on same sector. Now it works always.
trngdll & NG Scripter
(Released 12 June 2008)

trngdll, NG Scripter
  • Fixed bug: when trng engine found a bass.dll in trle folder, it didn't extract its own built in bass.dll version; it used the existing bass.dll. However, if this dll had a wrong version number the game crashed. Now TRNG will delete any bass.dll in the trle folder if it is a wrong version and will rebuild a new one.
  • Added new flipeffects that draw Lara in specific directions. The flipeffects work like sinks but you can use them also on land with or without floor contact. Their description starts with : "Lara. (Physics) ..."
  • Added flipeffects to add a few weather effects: lightning, layer1, layer2, with their speeds and colours in run time.
    Remark: the change in progressive mode (colour fade) for sky is incompatible with lightning mode enabled, hence, you should use flipeffect to disable temporarily the lightning mode while the changing sky colour is active. At the end you can enable lightning again.
  • Added flipeffect to show text, which freezes the game until players hit the Escape key.
  • Fixed bug: the status of animation ranges was not preserved in savegames. (status = if animated textures were moving or not).
  • Fixed bug: further looped sounds on second channels were not preserved in savegames.
  • Fixed bug: some triangle fragments of animated textures were not animated in game.
  • Corrected description of OCB for KeyPad object. The old description gave an incorrect OCB value as an example to get the keypad working with four digit codes.
  • Added new script command ItemGroup, to store a list of moveable indices and then use the ItemGroup to perform some operation on all objects listed in ItemGroup command.
  • Added customize constant CUST_SPEED_MOVING to set the default speed for action trigger moving moveables.
  • Added global triggers GT_LOADED_SAVEGAME and GT_SAVED_SAVEGAME to detect when the game has been saved or loaded.
  • Added script command ColorRGB= to set rgb colour for use with some flipeffects or actions.
trngdll & NG Scripter
(Released 12 June 2008)

trngdll, NG Scripter

Unknown contents.

trngdll & NG Scripter
(Released 28 July 2008)

trngdll, NG Scripter
  • Fixed bug: If bass.dll is missing from the trle folder, at startup there is an error message and the bass.dll doesn't work although it did start next time you started the program.
  • Added for Animation script command the FAN_SET_NEUTRAL_STATE_ID fan constant. Adding this value in FAN field you can avoid interferences by the game engine during your special animation.
  • Added to mapconverter a function to repair v50 projects created in abnormal way, i.e. changing only version number in .prj file.
  • Added to mapconverter the feature to convert a v49 project (64x64) in v50 (128x128) preserving big textures (only 128x128) already placed in original project.
  • Fixed bug: when triggering a flipmap room where there was a pushable object, the collision was lost.
  • Fixed bug: when the game started in setup mode and bass.dll was enabled in script.dat the game crashed.
  • Enhanced NG_Scripter: now the mnemonic constant for slots will be accepted in all fields of all script commands.
  • Fixed bug: the FogRange script command didn't work correctly (Perhaps...).
  • Added action trigger to add particle effect and remove particle effect from some moveables.
  • Fixed bug: the texts shown on screen were damaged when they were in the top half of the screen and the horizon was enabled.
  • Added CUST constant (CUST_WEAPON) to customize weapon: shooting frequencey, autoshot and many other things.
  • Added CUST constant (CUST_AMMO) to customize each single ammo: damage, special effect, number of ammo in pickup box and many others.
  • Added CUST constant (CUST_SHOW_AMMO_COUNTER) to enable the ammo counter on screen.
(Released 31 July 2008)

  • Fixed bug: water flipmaps reverting to previous state after reloading a savegame has been fixed. The flipmaps are now stable.
trngdll not available any more.

trngdll & NG Scripter
(Released 1 August 2008)

trngdll, NG Scripter
  • Added multiple sound extensions for audio tracks. The new constant is SEXT_MULTIPLE to use in Customize=CUST_NEW_SOUND_ENGINE script command as extension type. With this setting you can mix audio tracks in the three most common formats: mp3, ogg and wav.
  • Fixed bug in NGLE: the names of sound tracks (used in some cd play flipeffects) were missing if the corresponding sound file with .wav extension was missing in audio folder.
  • Enhanced moving animating feature: now also other moveables moved with action triggers will be restored (from savegame) in their correct previous position.
  • Added to condition trigger "Lara status..." the condition for Lara is touching floor, to use in globaltrigger script command like PAD condition.
  • Added to flipeffect trigger for "Lara physics to attract Lara", the mode "pad+over" to do the work of the trigger in both situations.
  • Added customize constant CUST_SET_INV_ITEM to set an inventory item as "invariable" i.e. like the binoculars. The player will be able to use that item over and over while preserving it in inventory.
(Released 22 August 2008)


Unknown contents.

(Released 22 August 2008)

  • Quicksand now works.
  • Fixed bug in swap mesh action: performing action trigger "Swap Mesh of <#>moveable with (E)Slot" over item different than Lara, some vertices were damaged.
  • Fixed bug in Enemy script command. The flag NEF_NON_TARGET to prevent Lara aiming at enemies didn't work.
trngdll & NG Scripter
(Released 31 August 2008)

trngdll, NG Scripter
  • Added new slot for MotorBike (SideCar) Lara animations. Now you can have the jeep and the Motorbike in the same level. See the Jeep/Bike project file which has the Jeep and motorbike in same level. Follow the instructions in readme.txt file to update wadmerger and objects.h before creating it.
  • Added in diagnostic mode (enabled with script command Diagnostic= ENABLED) the number of sound effects missing in game. Useful to locate easily the sound effects (SFX) you forgot to insert in your level.
  • Added in diagnostic mode the view of currently played SFX sound numbers, to discover what sound was used by which moveable or effect.
  • Fixed bug in customize command. Using CUST_SET_CREDITS_LEVEL the value changed the number of secrets for the level instead of changing the number of final level to show credit texts.
trngdll & NG Scripter
(Released 19 September 2008)

trngdll, NG Scripter
  • Added script command Turbo to enchance the speed of the game engine using different methods. It's useful for very big levels that have problems keeping the correct frame rate. There are different flags you can use to enable specific optimizations.
  • Fixed bug in flipeffect "Lara. (Physics) Pad+Over Mode. Attract Lara in <&>direction with (E)speed". In the trigger window were missing fields values for direction and speed.
  • Added new flipeffect command to set dynamically in game the level far view about max distance visible for objects and rooms. ("Distance. Set level far view (max distance) to <#>number of sectors")
  • Fixed bug in TeethSpike when you use in script.dat the command: Enemy= TEETH_SPIKES, IGNORE, IGNORE, IGNORE, 1 to allow Lara to walk slowly through teethspikes with no damage. In previous versions the command "walk left" caused damage and in other walking modes Lara lost blood if it was missing the damage.
  • Fixed bug in "Customize=CUST_SHATTER_RANGE" script command. If you set as firstshatter a slot different by default Shatter0 the status "already destroyed" of shatter was not correctly saved/restored in savegames. Fixed aother bug regarding the same situation for shatter objects that were not destroied by jeep/sidecar when it was remapped with Customize=CUST_SHATTER_RANGE.
  • Fixed bug. When Lara has no more pistol ammo, tomb4 engine played the sound SARLID_PALACES (for sarcophagus). This bug occurred only when you placed in script.dat the commands to set a precise number of ammo for pistol instead of default infinite ammo. To set a specific number of pistol ammo you have to use rows like:
    Equipment= PISTOLS_AMMO_ITEM, 30
  • Fixed bug in trigger window of NGLE. Many flipeffects had a bad description about where to set the main parameter. It said "<#>" while the correct field was "<&>".
  • Fixed bug in extra slot for statics. If you used some EXTRA static this object could be destroyed by skeleton or templar despite not being in the default shatter range.
  • Added flipeffect trigger to change the status of a few static objects: remove collision, set glass or ice transparency factor, poison, damage, explosion).
  • Added new OCB codes for static object, to set in the planning stage (in ngle) about features (transparence, collision, damage, poison, bomb) and more also: , huge static (unlimited collision box) and hard shatter (destroyable only by explosive ammo).
  • Added new customize constant (CUST_STATIC_TRANSPARENCY) to choose the transparency level for glass and ice used with statics.
  • Added new script command "Parameters", useful for storing many parameters to use with some triggers when the trigger window was not able to accept all necessary values.
  • Added new flipeffect to move static or moveable items using all required data from script dat, stored in command "Paramaters=PARAM_MOVE_ITEM,.." This is an advanced moving, where you can assign a sound for moving or stop in final position. You can set some flags to enable all heavy and/or common triggers in the path of this moving item.
  • Added OCB for Rollingball, the ocb 64. This OCB enables common triggers. The rollingball, other than enabling heavy triggers (as default) will now also enable common triggers, i.e. the "trigger" usually triggered only by Lara. In this way a rollingaball will be able to trigger traps for Lara saving her, like the mechanical scarab.
  • Added new flipeffect to force an animation for Lara. These three new flipeffects work in similar way of old "Force animation for Lara" but in this case you can choose between three prefixed settings about handling of state id. With old force animation some level builders had trouble with this.
  • Added new flipeffect to play a sound effect. Different to the old flipeffects for sounds with this new flipeffect you can choose a sound from new global sound map, available only in wads version 130. There are 2048 sounds in global sound map, all sounds of all Lara adventures (tr1, tr2, tr3 and tr5, other to common tomb4 sounds).
  • Added new Flipeffects to create an animated rotation of statics object. ("Statics. Rotation. ....").
  • Added new Flipeffects to move statics objects. ("Statics. Move. ...").
trngdll & NG Scripter
(Released 24 September 2008)

trngdll, NG Scripter
  • Fixed possible bug in flybys when there are over 100 flyby cameras in current level.
  • Added CUST_LOOK_TRASPARENT to disable transparency for Lara while using the look feature. Use following line in [Level] section to disable the transparency: Customize= CUST_LOOK_TRASPARENT, DISABLED
  • Added to Organizer new flag FO_TICK_TIME to set as time the tick frames instead of seconds. One tick frame is 1/30 of second, so you can assign more precise and shorter time gaps.
  • Fixed bug about playing of audio CD Tracks. When you set looped sound for channel1, after saving and reloading the background sound that came back was that set in script.dat.
  • Fixed bug about playing of audio CD tracks. When starting an audio that was in single-playback mode it disappeared after saving and reloading.
    Remark: I suggest you don't use the obsolete "CD" trigger but the new flipeffect triggers for audio tracks: "Sound (CD) Play ..." because with these new triggers you can have the most control over the number of channels which play the track and its status looped/single-playback. Using old "CD" triggers you always get a track on channel 2 in single-playback mode.
  • Fixed bug in flipeffect "Moveable. Move...". If an animating was moved to aother room it disappeared when Lara left the room where the animating was in original position.
  • Fixed bug in flipeffect "Moveable. Move ...". Some direction set with DIR_... constant were swapped: south with west and north with east.
  • Enhanced error detection in scripter. When you use two commands with same id, like two "TriggerGroup=4,..." and "TriggerGroup=4, ...", NG Center will give an error for duplication of commands in same section.
  • Corrected in trigger window of NGLE the description of flipeffect: "Lara. (Health) Decrease Damage of <&>units in (E)way" because it was ambiguous. In reality this flipeffect works on "Damage room" changing the value in Damage Bar. So this description has been changed to: "Lara. (Health) Decrease Damage Bar of Damage room of <&>units in (E)way"
  • Added CUST_HAIR_TYPE constant to set hair style of Lara independently by setting of YoungLara command.
    You can also remove all floating hair, or set two tails or single ponytail.
  • Added new flipeffects to perform TriggerGroup in continue mode. In continue mode the triggergroup will always be performed regardless of whether Lara is over a trigger sector or not.
    The flipeffect is the usual: "TriggerGroup. Perform <&>TriggerGroup from script.dat in (E)way" But now in "(E)way" parameter you can choose also the way: "Continue performing (it will be always performed until you stop it)"
    In this way all triggers in this triggergroup will be continuously performed until you stop it using another new flipeffect: "TriggerGroup. Stop <&>TriggerGroup ..." This new feature is useful to simulate different physics over wider zones.
  • Added in savegame the infos about timing of flame emitter effects. Theorically this new feature should preserve the exact phase for each flame emitter, while in old tomb4, after reloading of savegame, each flame emiter was reseted at start of its cycle. In the reality I've not had the time to verify if this feature works fine. (It's not easy to recognize the precise cycle :-/ )
trngdll & NG Scripter
(Released 8 October 2008)

trngdll, NG Scripter
  • Fixed bug about sound for Teeth_spikes object. When you reload a savegame you hear the sound of activation for teeth_spikes object. The fixing disabled the sound when the teeth_spikes has the ocb 16 (the spikes are always extracted).
  • Fixed bug in flipeffect "Moveable. Move item ..." trigger or in action trigger "Move. Move ... <#>animating for (E) clicks", when these triggers moved a pushable object. If you saved the game while the pushable was at half of its movement, at reload the pushable restarted from initial position and all NG collisions were lost.
  • Fixed bugs in computations of timer (positive or negative value) for Action triggers like "Trigger. Door .." and "Trigger. Moveable. .."
  • Added extensive description for valid values to choose in trigger "TIMER_FIELD" to set a timer value to use for all triggers in that sector.
  • Extended flame emitters. Now the number of flame emitters enabled at the same time is 127 (old limit was 32).
  • Added Action trigger to set a mesh of some moveables as visible or less:
    "Enemy. Mesh. Set for <#>enemy the (E)mesh as ..."
  • Added Action trigger to show on screen the countdown about activation of some moveable:
    "Enemy. Timer. Show the trigger count-down for <#>enemy using (E)format"
    For example you can see the remaining time before a door is closed.
  • Fixed bug about loading/saving savegame. An error damaged many structures saved in savegame. This bug could damage the correct saving/restoring operations for many continue triggers and organizers.
  • Added overflow check for moveable data in savegame. If after saving game you get on screen the message "OVERFLOW SAVEGAME", contact me please. Send an email to Paolone2008@tele2.it
    The overflow is theorically possible because the number of items (moveables) has been increased from 256 (old tomb4) to 1024 (TRNG) while the savegame space for moveables is the same. If I discover there is the risk of overflow I'll try to expand the internal memory of old savegame structure.
  • Fixed bugs in saving/reloading savegames. The data about FMVs (movies) had been saved incorrectly and this error might corrupt other saved data.
trngdll & NG Scripter
(Released 13 October 2008)

trngdll, NG Scripter
  • Fixed bug about CD audio track management. In previous versions when you saved the game and in the past when you had played a single-playback audio track, when you reloaded the savegame that audio track played from the start again.
  • Added new feature about CD audio tracks management: now when you save a game while some audio track is playing, when you'll load a savegame the audio track will be played starting from the last effective position when you saved.
  • Fixed bug about CD audio track management. In previous versions when you set a flipeffect "Sound (CD)" trigger to start a track on channel 1, this track had played on channel 2 if it was set as "single-playback".
  • Added in diagnostic messages on screen some real-time infos about current cd tracks on channel1 and channel2.
    Remark: this feature is present only when the bass sounds are enabled.
  • Added fade-in effect to all cd audio track playing. In previous version there was only the fade-out, i.e. the progressive reduction of volume before ending an audio track. The fade-in is the opposite: instead of starting a track immediatly with full volume, the sound will start with very low volume and it will be increased until it reaches the max volume.
  • Added new flipeffect trigger to play cd track:
    "Sound. (CD) Play <&>CD Track on (E)channel with final restore of old track"
    This trigger works in a similar way to the old CD trigger, for example when a "secret" sound stops temporarily the background looped track and, at end of secret sound, the background loop restarts from the beginning.
    The difference with respect to the old method is this trigger restarts the background cd from same point where it was stopped and fade-out and fade-in will be applied for both sounds.
  • Fixed bug about sound for teeth-spike with ocb 16 (permanent up). In previous version when a teeth-spike with ocb 16 was triggered the sound was missing. Now the sound will be removed only for 0.5 seconds after last loading savegame or start new game operation, regardless of the ocb values.
  • Fixed bug about CUST_SHOW_AMMO_COUNTER customize constant. The number of shotgun ammo was wrong: it was as internal data multiplied by 6.
  • Fixed bug in NG_Center: when you added two Customize=CUST_AMMO in same level section the program gave an error for duplicated command.
  • Added in NG_Center in Tool panel, a tool [Format Sprite Slot] to format a sprite slot with the desired number of textures and their size.
  • Added in NG_Center in Tool panel a tool [Sprite Editor] to edit the textures of sprite slots with many textures or high dimension (128x128). This is useful because WADmerger often crashes when you try to add or replace too many big textures in sprite slots.
  • Added CUST_SET_OLD_CD_TRIGGER customize constant to restore previous behavior of "CD" trigger also using new bass sound engine. This is useful only for old level projects, because with new projects it is better using the new flipeffect "Sound. (CD) Play <&>CD Track on (E)channel with final restore of old track", because this new trigger uses fade-in/fade-out and restores the looped sound from its previous correct position, while the old cd trigger restarted always from the start with no fade-in.
  • Added CUST_ESCAPE_FLY_CAMERA customize constant to allow at player to abort a flyby sequence using the ESCape key.
    This could be useful when there are very long flyby sequences and the player would otherwise be forced to watch the same flyby many times.
  • Added CUST_PAUSE_FLY_CAMERA customize constant to allow to stop temporarily the current flyby sequence keeping down the key "P"
    It could be useful for level builders when reading the load camera infos (when you hit F1), while for players it could be useful for looking for clues during flybys.
  • Fixed bug with F1 key to show camera data on screen while running a flyby sequence. Half of the text was unreadable because it was out of screen.
  • Added CUST_TEXT_ON_FLY_SCREEN customize constant. It enables the printing of text also during flyby camera.
  • Added global trigger GT_COLLIDE_STATIC_SLOT. It enables the global trigger when Lara is touching the static of slot kind set in Parameter field of GlobalTrigger= script command.
  • Added the new 2048 OCB value for Statics. Setting 2048 in a static, when Lara contacts with that static the (further) heavy trigger placed under the static will be triggered.
  • Added global trigger GT_DISTANCE_FROM_STATIC to enable the trigger when Lara is close to a specific static item. This global trigger works like the GT_DISTANCE_FROM_ITEM global trigger but in this case it works on static items.
  • Added condition trigger "Collision. Lara is touching some static of <#>Slot static type" to check if Lara is touching some static type.
  • Added condition trigger "Collision. Lara is touching the <#>Static item" to check if Lara touches a specific static item.
trngdll & NG Scripter
(Released 17 October 2008)


The original scripter ZIP has ID, however, the unpacked contents is the same as
in NG Scripter That is why this ZIP was not added, see the previous update.
  • Fixed bug about FogRange script command. In previous version the first parameter (MinViewOfFog for distance fog) had no effect. Remark: now it works. Anyway remember you can type also negative values for MinViewOfFog and they are the negative values to give a most visible effect. However you can't use the value -1 because ng_center would confuse this -1 value with IGNORE preset value, so you can use any positive value and negative value except the -1.
  • WARNING: some changes in the extra ng header (the header added at end of some tomb raider files like: .tom, .tr4, and savegames) requires that these files are freshly created before using them with tomb4 version To recreate these files, output your WAD and convert your level. Additionally, previous savegames made prior to this release of will no longer function so don't use them.
  • Added new flipeffect: "Weather. Fog. Set <&>Distance for Fog Distance", to change in run time the fog intensity for distance fog.
  • Added new flipeffect: "Weather. Fog. Change Fog distance to <&>Distance in (E)seconds" to perform a change of distance fog in dynamic way. The density of distance fog will change progressivly in real time in the required time.
  • Extended number of lights and fogbulbs showed at same time, from 20 to 80.
  • Added new flipeffect: "Weather. Fog. Pulse Fog from current to <&>Distance in (E)seconds" to simulate a variation of fog density in endless way.
  • Fixed bug: when in game distance fog had been enables, inventory itens were also wrapped in the fog.
  • Updated the description of FogRange= script command, because previous description was not correct.
  • Fixed bug: while a pushable object was moving (from some NG triggers) and you saved and reloaded the game, it was not more possible to push or pull it.
  • Fixed bug: when Lara pushed a pushable close to another pushable with OCB 32 (throw down) the static pushable was moved up in weird way.
trngdll & NG Scripter
(Released 19 October 2008)

trngdll, NG Scripter
  • Expanded savegame memory. The zone to store moveable/dynamic data has been duplicated because in very huge levels the data for moveables might force an overflow.
  • Fixed bug. When Lara moves to go in water, starting from water depth 2 clicks, Lara was able to walk on the water surface.
  • Fixed bug in NG_Center. When you use the "Format Sprite" tool (in "Tools" panel) and you click on [Format] button before selecting a wad the program caused a crash.
  • Fixed bug. In versions and the cd tracks were not saved in savegames in correct way and for this reason, in some circustances, at reloading of savegame the background audio tracks were absent.
  • Added customize constant "CUST_CD_SINGLE_PLAYBACK" to set the management of single-playback cd track about the saving/reloading from savegame.
  • Added to CUST_ESCAPE_FLY_CAMERA customize constant, new (optional) parameter to set the scancode of keystroke to use to skip the flyby camera sequence.
  • Added to CUST_PAUSE_FLY_CAMERA customize constant, a new optional parameter to set the scancode of keystroke to use to freeze the current flyby camera sequence.
trngdll & NG Scripter
(Released 28 October 2008)

trngdll, NG Scripter
  • Fixed bug. When fog distance is working in game the inventory items were damaged by fog color. This is the second attempt to fix this bug.
  • Fixed bug. In Reference panel of NG_Center many descriptions (in green box at bottom) had bad formatting: the empty rows to separate different arguments were missing.
  • Added customize constant CUST_ADD_DEATH_ANIMATION, used to add a dead animation immortal creatures that didn't already have it. You should use this customize when you want kill an immortal creature by shooting him.
  • Added new script command WindowTitle=, to change the window title bar of tomb raider.
  • Fixed bug in "Enemy. Kill <#>object in (E) way" action trigger. In the kill mode "Kill Creature" there was a bug and the enemy remained still but yet visible.
  • Added in NG_Center the tool "Icon Replacer". With this tool you can replace the default icon of trng tomb4 with another custom icon. If you wish there is also available another trng tomb4 version that uses an icon of 64x64 pixels ("TrngTomb4_64.zip"), while the default trng tomb4 uses a 32x32 pixel icon. Both versions are fully compatible with Tomb_NextGeneration.dll and have no difference except the size of their icon.
  • Added new customize constant CUST_BAR, to customize size and colours of all progressive bars of trng engine: health bar, air bar, dash bar and load level bar.
  • Added new customize constant CUST_KEEP_DEAD_ENEMIES, to preserve the bodies of dead enemies as in old tomb raider adventures.
TrngTomb4_64.zip: not available any more.
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trngdll & NG Scripter
(Released 31 October 2008)

trngdll, NG Scripter
  • Fixed bug. When using the command: Customize= CUST_KEEP_DEAD_ENEMIES, ENABLED All puzzle/pickup/combo items, although already picked up, reappeared in their original positions after saving/reloading savegames.
  • Fixed bug. When the command WindowTitle in [Level] section was used, all following script commands in same [Level] section were ignored.
  • Changed description for Customize=CUST_BAR. I added an important warning: it's necessary that the ColorRGB command linked with CUST_BAR was typed FIRST (above) where the Customize=CUST_BAR IDs are used.
  • Extended memory for cameras used by flyby camera sequences, from 128 to 512 single cameras.
  • Added flipeffect: "Lara. (Mesh) Torch. <&>Light/Put-Out the Torch in the hands of Lara"
  • Added flipeffect: "Lara. (Mesh) Torch. <&>Give/Remove Torch to/from hand of Lara"
  • This flipeffect is necessary because the other flipeffects for swap mesh don't change some properties about Lara with torch but they changed only the mesh of left hand of Lara.
  • Added Condition trigger: "Lara. (Holds) Lara is holding/driving the <#>item" to verify if lara is holding some items (weapons, flare, torch) or vehicles, pole, rope.
  • Added global trigger GT_LARA_HOLDS_ITEM constant for GlobalTrigger command. This global trigger works like above new condition trigger.
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trngdll & NG Scripter
(Released 20 November 2008)

trngdll, NG Scripter
  • With this latest update, it's now possible use new fonts with bigger definitions than with the old tomb4 font. The font has been stored in new obect (sprite) named FONT_GRAPHICS. To use the new font just copy this object into the desired wad file with wadmerger. To update wad merger to recognize the new object just copy the two files TR4Objects.dat and Objects.h into the folder where you installed the latest version of WadMerger. The objects.h file also has to be copied into your TRLE folder to replace the previous version. These two files are stored in the Font Sample Project file linked above. Included in the download is an example illustrating how to use the new font and also new triggers to scroll and to show text.
  • Fixed bug about double width characters used in savegame screen. In previous version using in [title] level the command - TextFormat= IGNORE,IGNORE,IGNORE, SC_DOUBLE_WIDTH - the texts in load savegame screen were overlapped in a bad way. Now, setting the double width the texts are correctly aligned. However the info about game time has to be removed using the new customize: CUST_NO_TIME_IN_SAVELIST constant, since it is not possible to store all the information (SaveNumber / level Name/ DateSavegame) in a single row using double characters.
  • Fixed bug: when the game was started in setup mode it sometimes crashed.
  • Added two FT_ flags for TextFormat= script command to locate text in two new prefixed zones of screen:
    FT_UNDER_LEFT_BARS (for top left corner, avoiding default bars)
    FT_UNDER_RIGHT_BARS (for top right corner, avoiding default bars)
  • Added new trng font features. Now you can set different fonts with most definitions (single char up to 42x42 pixel as source) than old tomb raider font. The new font is stored in new sprite object named FONT_GRAPHICS and you can find it, with information about its usage, in Font Sample Project linked above.
  • Added new tool in Tool panel of NG_Center program to edit the new Fonts. Using this tool you can import from Windows fonts list a font and import it into your FONT_GRAPHICS object quickly. This tool allows you to also set some graphic characters to mix with text. Click on [Help] button in Font Editor window for more information.
  • Fixed bug: with some screen resolutions there was a misalignment between text of keypad (digits: "4848") and keypad object.
  • Added new FT_ constants for TextFormat command: FT_SIZE_MICRO_CHAR and FT_SIZE_ATOMIC_CHAR.
  • Different to other ft_size constants these settings ignore all shape and preset size of current font and they force characters to be of same size: squared (microcar) or high rect (atomic) and very small. Remark: the micro car is the same font size used to show digits in Keypad switch.
  • Added new flipeffect trigger to show a vertical scrolling text: "Text. Vertical Scrolling of ExtraNG <&>string with (E) speed" Remark: about the speed type you can choose between "Abs" and "Prop" groups. The "abs" is for "absolute" and this speed always moves the text with a perfect multiple or divisor by "1". The advantage with "abs" speed is that the movement flows more smoothly. On the other hand, the abs doesn't consider the current screen resolution, so in high resolution the speed will appear more slowly, while, with same speed setting, the effective speed with low resolution will be faster. The "prop" speed is the opposite. "Prop" is for "proportional" and the speed increment will be updated according to curret screen resolution. The advantge is that the effective speed will be always the same with all resolutions, but the movement could be a bit uneven in some circumstances; this depends on rounding of floating point values of Y coordinate.
  • Added new global trigger constant: GT_VSCROLL_COMPLETE, to detect when a scrolling text operation has been completed.
  • Added new global trigger constant: GT_VSCROLL_LAST_VISIBLE, to detect when a scrolling text showed on screen is also the last row. This global trigger may be used to create a chain of different scrolling text to simulate a multisize/multicolor scrolling text.
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(Released 25 November 2008)

  • Added flipeffect "Text. Vertical Scolling of ExtraNG <&>string with (E)formatting data". The difference with the other flipeffect for scrolling text is that using the formatting data for scrolling you can also create a column with scrolling non-centered text placed in any X point of screen. Just to type valid values for X_Position and Y_Position in Parameters=PARAM_PRINT_TEXT
  • Added flipeffect "Text. Horizontal Scrolling of ExtraNG <&>string with (E)formatting data". You can have sliding text strips in any y position of screen.
  • Fixed bug in WindowTitle= script command. The bug used wrong text and in some circumstances could create other problems.
  • Fixed bug in flipeffect "Lara. (Move) Move Lara in LARA_START_POS with <&>OCB value in (E)way", Lara was no longer able to go back to the same room from where she had started the movement.
  • Changed the fogend value for distance fog. In previous version the FogEnd value (internal setting in directx) was set with same value of WorldFarView limit, while now the LevelFarView value is assigned to the FogEnd. The difference is that now you can set different values for FogEnd, level for level, since the LevelFarView might be changed for each level, while the WorldFarView can be set only once in [Options] section. The effective working of this new feature should be verified because I've had problems detecting the difference.
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trngdll & NG Scripter
(Released 15 December 2008)

trngdll, NG Scripter
  • Fixed bug: when you used "Customize=CUST_KEEP_DEAD_ENEMIES, ENABLED" to preserve the body of dead enemies from disappearing, and you killed by explosion some enemeies, the dead enemy, after save/load savegame, reappeared in game, dead, but yet visible.
  • Added new object from Tomb Raider Chronicles: the Parallel Bar, over which Lara is able to pirouette. To see new the object in Wadmerger and in the NGLE you have to update the objects.h and "TR4Objects.dat" files in the Wadmarger installation folder. The objects.h has to be copied into both the trle folder and also into the Wadmerger folder.
    Remark: in ParallelBars object you should type an ocb value = 202.
    The ParallelBars requires lara animations: 461, 462 and 463.
    You will find all the necessary items to use this object in sample project: Tomb5Bars.zip which is also linked above.
  • Added the customize option CUST_PARALLEL_BARS, to change default behavior of Parallel Bar from Chronicles and to add new properties.
  • Added in NGLE the new button "Play". It works like "Exit & Play" but in this case the ngle will remain open while the tomb4 plays. The ngle, in this building mode, will be minimized and when you finish playing with tomb4, you just click on the NGLE icon in the task bar to restore it.
  • Fixed bug in lights for mirror rooms. There was an error in computing lights for hidden room of mirror.
  • Fixed bug in flipeffect for sounds: "Sound. (CD) Play <&>CD Track on (E)channel with final restore of old track".
    The audio track was played only the first time, while from second time the audio track was not played.
  • Fixed bug in NG_Center about french and german texts. Some default strings were missing in game.
  • Restyled in ng_center the [Strings] panel:
    - The String panel now works to double width, like the Script panel.
    - The font used to show strings now has a bigger size.
    - When you edit a string the "\n" newline formatters will be removed and replaced by itself, allowing work with multilinear strings with no need to type the \n formatter in editing phase.

*** IMPORTANT ****
The ascii format of texts in NG_Center and TRNG engine have been changed. In previous versions the national characters were typed using non standard ascii value. For example texts like: "Les ruines côtières" or "Münzstück", appeared in french.txt or german.txt in this way: "Les ruines c“tiŠres" o or "Mnzstck", with some vocals apparently damaged. In reality those "damaged" letters were necessary to tomb4 to show correct special vocals.
With this new version (from, you can type the texts in the normal way "Les ruines côtières" or "Münzstück"
It's important to remember to convert all texts to the new extended ansi format, using the new tool in [Tool] panel named [Convert texts to new format]. This tool will change all "damaged" special letters with correct letters. In future you'll have to type only normal texts, forgetting the old converting procedure. Remark: if you find in your language some texts with errors in special letters, please let me know.
  • Fixed bug in Customize=CUST_BAR. The YOrigin field had an error of compute.
  • Fixed bug in load camera phase. When the game was in full screen the title bar was flashing.
  • Added some new environment conditions for Animation command:
    ENV_IN_LEFT_SIDE_SECTOR, ;when lara is in left side of current sector
    ENV_IN_RIGHT_SIDE_SECTOR, ;same of above for right side
    ENV_ITEM_EXTRA_AT_LEFT, ;to detect an item at left of lara
    ENV_ITEM_EXTRA_AT_RIGHT ;same of above for right side
  • Added some new flipeffect to show text:
    "Text. Print PSX <&>String with (E)formatting data" ,
    "Text. Print PC <&>String with (E)formatting data" ,
    "Text. Print PC <&>string with (E)formatting data, and wait Escape",
    "Text. Print ExtraNG <&>string with (E)formatting data, and wait Escape"
  • Fixed bug in [NG Font Editor] tool of NG_Center. In importing phase some characters like the underscore "_" were missing because they were too low with respect to the baseline.
  • Added new FAN_ flags for Animation command: FAN_ENABLE_GRAVITY and FAN_DISABLE_GRAVITY
    The engine performs a computation to simulate the gravity only when the gravity flag is enabled. You can enable or disable gravity for your custom animation when it will be performed.
  • Fixed bug in Animation command: in some circumstances the value typed in Extra field was altered.
  • Added new ENV_ condition for Animation command: ENV_ITEM_TEST_POSITION
    This condition works in accordance with a new TestPosition command to detect precisely whether Lara has correct distance and orientation respect to other moveables. This ENV condition works better than other old ENV_ITEM_EXTRA_... conditions.
  • Added new script command: TestPosition.
    In this script command you can type all data necessary to detect the distance between Lara and some Moveable, to use together with ENV_ITEM_TEST_POSITION in Animation command.
  • Enhanced performance of FAN_ALIGN_TO_ENV_POS flag of Animation script command. Now when you use the FAN_ALIGN_TO_ENV_POS flag togheter with ENV_ITEM_TEST_POSITION condition, you can get a dynamic self-alignment of Lara in front of the desired object before performing your custom animation.
  • Added new ENV_ condition for Animation command: ENV_HOLD_EXTRA_ITEM_IN_HANDS
    This condition checks if lara is holding in hand the desired item typed in Extra field.
  • Added new FAN_ flag for Animation command: FAN_PERFORM_TRIGGER_GROUP
    With this flag the Animation command could be used to perform a TriggerGroup instead of an animation. In reality, it's probable you'll use this feature to perform a custom animation typed in trigger group by an exported flipeffect. The difference is that, in this way, you can perform also other triggers before or after the performing of your custom animation, to add new skills to Lara in accordance with your custom animation.
  • Added new ENV_ condition for Animation commands: ENV_CONDITION_TRIGGER_GROUP
  • Using this condition you can use as condition for your Animation command a triggergroup where you stored some exported condition triggers.
  • Added new flipeffect for custom animations:
    "AnimCommand. Set temporary Free Hands until is performing <&>Animation",
    "AnimCommand. Set temporary Free Hands for <&>Seconds",
    "AnimCommand. Remove Free Hands and restore previous status"
    The "Free Hands" is an internal animcommand already present in default tomb4, its name in Animation Editor was "Command3 (Unknown)" The difference with the new "Temporary Free Hands" is that you can in second moment restore the previous status about "what hands of lara are holding ..." This is useful when you want perform your custom animation while Lara holds weapons or a torch or she climbs or monkey swings, and at end of your custom animation you want to restore the previous status. If you try to perform a custom animation (without using Free Hands) while Lara is holding a weapon, the arms don't move in accordance with your animation because the hardcoded managements of weapons will not allow it. Another difference of the new temporary free hands, is that with old Free Hands if Lara was holding the torch the engine didn't accept the "Free Hands" command, while with new temp free hand it does.
  • Added new global triggers: GT_GAME_KEY1_COMMAND, GT_GAME_KEY2_COMMAND and GT_KEYBOARD_CODE, to perform a global trigger when the player sends some keyboard or game commands. You can also remove the desired command by adding to Flags field of GlobalTrigger command the new flag FGT_REMOVE_INPUT flag.
  • Added in NG_Center the [Undo] button, to restore previous 10 edit commands in Script panel. The main benefit is when you make a mistake with Cut/Paste/Delete (key) commands and you want to restore your previous text. Type the UNDO button many times to go back to older script versions.
  • Fixed some bugs of Animation Watcher (in Tools panel of NG_Center):
    - [Refresh] button didn't re-enable the current request
    - For all wads v130 version gave the error "wad ... is not a correct wad file"
    - Using Upper [Browse] button the program required to choose two wad files, also when only one was necessary.
  • Enhanced the [Find] text features in Reference panel. Now when you type two or more words separated by spaces, the Find feature will find all texts where both words are used in any order. For example if you type in find white box the text: "disable cust", the find procedure will find "CUST_DISABLE_FORCING_ANIM_96" and also "CUST_DISABLE_SCREAMING_HEAD"
  • Added in Reference panel of NG_Center a list of descriptive constants for all State-Id values. The state id constants begin all with the prefix "STATE_ ..."
  • Created tutorial for Animation command with sample project and study in depth of TestPosition command. (see AnimationTestPosition.zip file linked above).
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Full Installer and TRNG Updater
(Released 5 January 2009)

Due to difficulties with the numbers of TRNG and NG Scripter files around and subsequent crashing problems caused by file mixing and incompatability issues, Paolone has put together a full installer for the TRNG and an Updater. Simply download the full installer and this will put all the latest files into their respective folders for you. Then download the updater to keep up to date with any recent patches.

Full Installer
TRNG Updater

  • Added in NG_Center new Updates panel. In Updates panel you can check for availability of new updates for TRNG tools only clicking a button.
  • Created a new update installer program to install the new updates while performing a check at the same time regarding incompatibility issues between your trle folder and your TRNG tools. You will be adivsed if errors are detected by installer program.
  • Fixed bug: (second attempt) when you used "Customize=CUST_KEEP_DEAD_ENEMIES, ENABLED" to preserve the body of dead enemies from disappearing, and you killed by explosion some enemey, the dead enemy, after save/load savegame, appeared newly in game, still, but yet visibile.
  • Fixed bug in flipeffect: "Lara. (Move) Move Lara in LARA_START_POS with <&>OCB value in (E)way", lara ended up very often in the walls.
  • Fixed bug in NGLE: in Set Trigger Type window, some LARA_START_POS object was missing in the list.
  • Fixed bug in option TRB_SELECTIVE_VIEW of Turbo= command. The hiding of static objects placed at back of current view camera sometimes didn't work. This bug happened when the static had the pivot (x,y,z origin) very far from effective visibility box and the static had been placed in ngle with a facing orientation different than default.
    Now trng is able to handle all facing and differences of pivot, anyway when the facing chosen has not a 90 degrees step the compute could be a bit slower, so if it's not strictly necessary, it's better to place the statics with facing of: 0, 90, 180 or 270 degrees, to enhance performance.
  • Fixed bug in NGLE: in some circustances the [Move Lara Here] button didn't remove the Lara to previous position.
  • Added new Condition: "Random. Condition is true with <#>chances on 64 computed in (E)way"
  • With this condition you can introduce random interactivity in game, choosing a probability value to perform or less the triggers on same sector of Random condition.
  • Fixed bug in NGLE: in Set Trigger Type window ngle refused a new trigger with message: "ERROR: Cannot overlap special triggers" also in improper situations.
  • Fixed bug in Diagnostic mode. When you enabled diagnostic and show text with flyby using commands:
  • Diagnostic= ENABLED ;in [Options] section and Customize= CUST_TEXT_ON_FLY_SCREEN,ENABLED ;in [Level] section the diagnostic messages about flyby showed an error in sequence ("Seq=") value.
  • Fixed bug: in previous version there was a problem about usage of trigger with FLYBY type. The current version will correct by itself every project when you'll load it. If ngle will be not able to fix the problem, NGLE will show a log about the position of trigger to fix.
  • Fixed bug in [Trigger -> Object] button. In previous versions the [Trigger->Object] button was not able to locate a Flyby camera starting from a FLYBY type trigger.
  • Fixed bug about Title project. The default title project used a format for FLYBY trigger different than new format used in NGLE. The old trigger format was not able to trigger the second flyby sequence. Now the title project will be converted to new FLYBY trigger format when you'll load it in NGLE.
  • Fixed bug in Parallel Bar management. If you set a custom exiting animation using a change state id in animation 462 with state id 129, to point to your exit custom animation, your custom animaton was performed only at start but then the code forced the animation 95.
  • Fixed bug about FAN_KEEP_NEXT_STATEID fan flag of Animation script command. In previous version the engine performed the FAN_KEEP_NEXT_STATEID fan in opposite way.
  • Fixed bug about flipeffect: "Lara. (Weapons) Disarm Lara in <&>way". If, after above flipeffect, lara found another weapon (like shotgun, uzi ect) and she shot until ending the ammo, the engine gave back to lara the pistols hence they were missing in inventory.
  • Added CUST_CAMERA constant for Customize= script command. With CUST_CAMERA you can change distance, and horizontal and vertical facing of standard cameras: chase camera and combat camera.
  • Added new flipeffect: "Camera. Change camera mode with <&>Parameters for (E)time". With this flipeffect you can change temporarily the inquadrature of lara (view of camera) for the required time.
  • Added PARAM_SET_CAMERA constant per Parameters script command. The PARAM_SET_CAMERA used to store the data required by new flipeffect "Camera. Change camera mode with <&>Parameters for (E)time"
  • Restored backward compatibility about old savegame format. In last versions of trng the internal savegame format had been changed to host more flipmaps and moveable data. For this change trng was not able to load old savegames. Now it has been added a check to support the old savegame format. However this backward compatibility works only when trng finds tomb raider files non-NG, i.e. files created with default tomb raider tools instead of new TRNG tools.
  • Fixed bug about parallel-bar object: in previous version lara was able to extract weapons (pistols) while she was turning hanged to parallel bar.
  • Fixed bug in NG_Center: in some circustance NG_Center broke the building with error message "Overflow"
If it walks like a duck and if it quacks like a duck, it is a duck.

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TRNG Updater
(Released 15 January 2009)

TRNG Updater
  • Fixed bug in PARAM_SET_CAMERA data. The FSCAM_DISABLE_COMBAT_CAM flag had no effect in game.
  • In CUST_PARALLEL_BARS constant, there has been added another field named MaxTurns, to set the max number of turns to increase the jump power. This field works only when you set also the PB_PROGRESSIVE_CHARGE flag.
  • Added new flipeffect: "AnimCommand. Reset the number of turns (jump power) of ParallelBar" This flipeffect should be used as anim command exporting it with [Export as AnimCommand] button. You could use it when you create a custom animation to move Lara on the bar, when you want reset (to clear) the charge counter for next jump.
  • Added to condition trigger "Lara. (Status) Lara is performing <#>action is (E)", two new lara actions: "Lara is hanged" and "Lara is dripping". The "dripping" is when lara is wet because she has just gone off from water and she loses little drops.
  • Fixed (default) bug about screenshot capture. When tomb raider ran in windowed mode under windows XP with service pack 2 or higher, the screenshot "tomb#.tga" was very often "damaged". Now the screenshots will been saved in .bmp format with progressive names: "shot0.bmp" "shot1.bmp". You can use usual "." key or new F3 function key to catch a screen image. When you hit one of above keys you should hear also a little sound that announces a correctly saved screenshot capture.
  • Fixed bug in Damage= script command. NG_Center gave an error for duplicated Damage= command, although the two damage commands were set with different targets (one for DMG_COLD_WATER and other less).
  • Fixed bug in flipeffect trigger: "Lara. (Health) Lara invulnerable for <&>time with (E)effect
    If the game was saved while Lara was invulnerable, when the savegame was reloaded Lara was burning.
  • Fixed bug in Combat camera mode. In previous version ( the combat camera (when Lara extracts the weapons) had a bug causing different bad results.
If it walks like a duck and if it quacks like a duck, it is a duck.

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TRNG Updater
(Released 29th January 2009)

TRNG Updater
  • Enhanced flipeffect "Lara. (Health) Lara invulnerable for <&>time with (E)effect"
    In previous versions Lara may be killed from Teeth Spikes and Rolling Ball, while now these objects have no effect on her when she is in invulnerable state.
  • Change method to handle flyby trigger and trigger for flyby cameras. Now ngle uses the default method used by old winroomedit to avoid troubles with triggering flyby in title projects.
  • Added in NG_Center (Settings panel) the option: "Keep always the window of NG_Center over other windows".
    In some cirustances could be useful to keep always visible over other window the ng_center window, for exaple when you are copying some values from reference panel to other program or document.
  • Added new cheats to help level builder in level exploration.
    All cheat requires to type four literals in short time:
    "KILL" : Kill all enemies
    "ROOM" : Reverse all flipmap rooms
    "IAIR" : Set Infinite AIR for Lara
    "GODS" : Set lara as semiGODS, she will be invulnerable to shoots, fallings, poison, flames, teethspikes and rollingballs
    "DOOR" : Open all doors of the level.
    "STAR" : Lara will shine like a STAR. Useful to work with very dark levels to have always an extra light.

    Remark: about NG cheats they will work only when in script.txt have been enabled FlyCheats and diagnostic mode in same time, i.e. you have to type in [Options] section:

    FlyCheat= ENABLED
    Diagnostic= ENABLED
  • Added new customize CUST_DISABLE_MISSING_SOUNDS to disable some unused sounds that could disturb the sounds for some new objects like boats.
    When you use boats you should use always this command:

  • Fixed bug about detector: the text for distance was too low respect than detector image.
  • Changed some sample projects on trng website: boats, elevators, detectors ect.
  • Added in NG_Center some short-cut buttons to launch: tomb4, ng_tom2pc or NGLE programs
  • Added in NG_Center the button [Reload] to use when you change the script files or help files directly in their folder and you want refresh ng_center with these new files.
  • Added in NG_Center the button [Trle] to have a short-cut to open the trle folder
  • Added the flag FSCAM_DISABLE_LOOK_CAM in Parameters=PARAM_SET_CAMERA script command. With this flag you can disable the LOOK feature until your set_camera command is working.
If it walks like a duck and if it quacks like a duck, it is a duck.

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TRNG Updater
(Released: 28th April 2009)

TRNG Updater
  • Fixed bug in Update panel of NG_Center.
    Previous version was not able to verify for presence of new updates on line, because from january of 2009 I changed some internal format of my webiste.
    Now the NG_Center version is newly able to detect new online updates.
  • Fixed (old) bug in Tom2pc.
    When a sound sample (.wav) was missing the old tom2pc wrote damaged data from missing sound sample up to all following (present or less) samples.
    This chain of bugs can cause many problems.
    Now ng_tom2pc (with current version) replaces the missing sound sample with a default sound sample: the sound "back_jm1.wav" to avoid above problems.
    It has been chosen this sound because it's little and has a very low volume.
    Thanks to this default sample the tr4 file will be builded correctly.
    Remark: in spite of this substitution the mexage : ""*** File Not Found Name.wav" will be yet showed in log window of Tom2Pc
  • Fixed bug in Tomb_NextGeneration.dll: in previous version the library forgot to free some memory zones allocated in run-time, in this way the ram available for the PC decreased with each new running of the game.
  • Fixed bug under Windows Vista: in some circustances the CRS (Crash Resume System) failed to work when a crash happened exactly while the player selected the "P" key for pause menu.
  • Fixed bug in GlobalTrigger command.
    When the GlobalTrigger used the GT_CONDITION_GROUP flag and in the trigger group used as condition there was the TGROUP_OR operator, the game froze.
  • Fixed bug under windows 98/me: the trng was not able to locate own version numbers (1.2.x.x).
  • Fixed bug about combat camera + look or laser sight function: the camera went crazy when look mode was switched off.
  • Fixed bug about condition trigger: the test about waterskins had a wrong esite
  • Fixed bug in Elevators. In some (seldom) circustance a bug disabled all elevators of the level. This bug was more probably if you used more (than one) elevators in same level.
  • Fixed info text about [trle folder] icon in main window of NG_Center.
    The text (wrong) was "start ngle" while the correct text is "Explore TRLE folder"
  • Fixed bug: when player loaded a savegame from Inventory with Load Item the player went back to titles
  • Fixed bug. Saving while the elevator is moving, when you reload the game, the inner keypad disappeared.
  • Fixed bug. When Lara throw a Pushable, the pushable lose the collision or after saving game.
If it walks like a duck and if it quacks like a duck, it is a duck.

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