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Default Tomb Raider 3/4/5 problems with Nvidia graphics on laptop

I wonder if anybody else is experiencing same issue. I have a laptop with Windows 7 x64 and with dual videocards (integrated Intel 3000 and GeForce 635M), and recently I noticed that I can't use these games anymore with GeForce hardware. Only one that works is integrated Intel graphics.

Here is what happens. If I force Nvidia graphics either from Nvidia control panel or by context menu, game simply crashes. If I enter game setup and try to play with settings, I can't set any texture resolution (in TR4/5), additionally it displays only Intel graphics in listed devices. Also, in some cases game throws in "Failed to setup DirectX" error message, but it seems it happens only if I set resolution to 2560x1440.

Only way to launch these games is to force integrated Intel hardware in Nvidia control panel.

From what I remember, I was able to use GeForce some time ago (maybe a year or two ago), but recently I reinstalled newer ForceWare version (382.33) because of compatibility issues with newer applications.

Compatibility modes, fullscreen optimizations, DPI scaling etc. have no effect. Any suggestions what else can be done?
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I'm getting the same error message as well. the failed to setup direct x. it also doesn't let me choose hardware acceleration, but goes to software. tomb raider 3 doesn't start up and I get the error message on tombr aider 5. on tomb raider 3 the fmv openings play but it goes to a black screen on menu but sound is still playing. tomb raider one works though, the only one.

My tomb raider titles are from the steam version so I don't know if it has anything to do with steam.
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Well, from what I saw there on forums, DirectX messages are produced because TR engines generally uncapable of handling resolutions over 1920x1080. There are patches for handling this issue somewhere, but I forgot where I saw that.

Seems that you don't have any secondary graphics card to choose from? That's why it only allows you software mode, cause your graphics are too "new" for old TR engines

So, the general (yet another) issue with old TR engines is they tend to fail when used with recent GPUs and/or drivers. I suppose this problem will get worse in the near future.

Offtopic: that's why I've been pushing open-source TR clones development for last few years Old Tomb Raiders are finally getting ancient and unusable.
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The inevitable is happening unfortunately.

I also have the same problem, I don't seem to be able to use my Geforce GTX 950M. Even if I try to (right-click > Run using > nVidia...), in the setup it's always the Intel graphics that are displayed.
I've tried using dgVoodoo in the past, I don't know if it was actually using the nVidia (but there were graphical glitches, static objects had their lighting changing abruptly depending on where you were looking, Lara was blinking sometimes too).
I hoped OpenTomb would help but the progress seems to be so slow lately (unfortunately) that I'm not sure we'll get it before the support of the original engines has completely been dropped.
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I also have the same problem trying to force tomb4 to use my NVidia card (860M), it just crashes when I start the game, plus the NVidia card is not selectable in the setup. It works perfectly on my friend's computer, though he only has a single NVidia card and no Intel GPU, so the game runs on that card by default, and everything, even ShadowPlay works fine. (He has GTX760 if I remember right).
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Let me dig up this topic.

Has anyone been able to solve this problem?

I am in the same situation, laptop with dual graphics cards:
  • Intel HD Graphics 620
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950M

No problem with most of the games. But with TRLE Setup, I can't choose the NVIDIA card.

For levels with very large rooms or with a lot of visual effects, I have so many lags with the Intel chipset...

EDIT: I tried to disable the Intel chipset (Device Manager + reboot), and it doesn't even allow NVIDIA to appear in the list, it's a basic driver that is displayed!

There must be a way to force the TRLE/TR4 setup to detect the NVIDIA card...

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