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Default TRNG - swapping outfit within same level

Yes, it is possible to have two or even more outfits in the same level

The swapping procedure has it's limitations which you have to stay within to get a correct result. To avoid the confusion, let's call the outfit in LARA_SKIN, LARA_SKIN_JOINTS, etc. as and "old", and that additional one let's call "new".

Preparing the source outfits
1. First of all, you have to keep in mind that the joints of the new outfit must have the same meshes as the old joints, and with the same points mapping. The textures are the only thing which may actually differ. So you won't be able to swap bikini outfit with heavy winter suite for example, nor vice versa.

Joints in both old and new outfit must NOT have any additional vertices between connection edges. Otherwise the joints are never aligned correctly in game. See the picture below to know which joints are suitable for swapping and which are not:

3. The new skin meshes must have the same points mapping as an old skin. Due to joints limitation they must have the same connection edges as an old skin meshes, but meshes themselves may be different, i.e. chest mesh without backpack or head mesh with glasses/hat/ect.

Using swaps in game
1. Put the new skin meshes in some MIP slot in Wadmerger. Let's take the ANIMATING14_MIP for example.
2. The number of other slots are depending on your purpose. You should decide if Lara will be able to use weapons after swap, if you want to swap hair meshes, etc. You'll have to prepare all the meshes which are affected by swap. Then open the F99 trigger window in level editor and choose which slots you want to swap. I.e. if you want to swap only skin +
joints meshes, you'll need 2 slots: ANIMATING14_MIP for a new skin and ANIMATING15 must be the next slot containing new joints. I used 4 slots to swap skin, joints, hair and the shooting-head.
3. Trigger the F99 to swap meshes and choose the slot with new outfit. In our case this is ANIMATING14_MIP.
4. If you need the third outfit for your level you must put it into some other free MIP slot. Keep in mind that the game does not like meshswaps that much, it seems that engine capable to keep only one swapped mesh at once. Therefore I would advice to swap to old outfit before swapping the third one. Otherwise you might encounter such a bug like damaged
savegame files.

While swapping outfits is limited, you still can make different outfits with or without some accessories, like hat, glasses, backpack or grenades, you can use meshswap to make Lara wounded, wet or dirty. You can make her changing jeans with sport pants also, if you decide that she need some training in the gym before beginning adventures. Or may be you want to give her scuba suit with mask and oxygen reservoirs? The imagination can help a lot.

This is the sample outfit where the meshswap is working. Made at a request, for reference only. Credits to PoYu and me (A_De).

And here is the flipeffect I used to demonstrate outfit swapping in game:

; Set Trigger Type - FLIPEFFECT 99
; Exporting: TRIGGER(842:0) for FLIPEFFECT(99)
; <#> : Lara. (Mesh) Swap meshes of Lara with <&>slot in (E)way
; <&> : SLOT 454  ANIMATING14_MIP
; (E) :  Lara Skin + Lara Joints (Slot+1) + Hairs (Slot+2) + ShootingHead (Slot+3)
; Values to add in script command: $2000, 99, $34A

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