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Also, I never played the original.

It's funny how the best games I've played the last years... were almost all remakes and remasters. Gamers are complaining about the lack of new IPs and are tired of remakes and remasters but when you see all those new games and IPs are uninspired and just correct as best...
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No joke, gameplay wise, they changed absolutely nothing. Yes, they included a new control scheme, but also the original and Wii one, but that's honestly the only thing they've changed. It's seriously one of the best games ever made when it comes down to how the game is set up from beginning to the end. It's honestly one of those games they could've re-released the game without even graphically making any adjustments and it would've still been amazing. A bit dated graphically, sure, but still.

And honestly, new IP just have it rough in general. Remember how great the Calisto Protocol was received at first and then it came out... Lord that was unfortunate...
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